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Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Xue Zu sign, Liu Shaoyu Henan science and Technology Press (2011-01)   Author:Xue Zuli   Pages:211  

Open the series, the show in front of us is the Central Plains this loess ground that poem Cantabile years, predecessors and handed down in the long-term accumulation of the Impergium broad and brilliant cultural creation, and the implication of the strong and tough national spirit. Since ancient times, our mother river nurturing each plant crops and every creature here, make here become a fertile soil culture. Since the ancient civilization of the plow land the first piece of land here, the land will be not desolate: for thousands of years, a change dynasties war beacon changing China historical development process here, a shining in the history of sages and heroes, name, the name of talent Jun like so many bright stars embedded in the vast sky, numerous historical markers like a flags, waving the area past glory and pride...... All this is, merged into a river of history and culture, running day and night in the Central Plains of the land, it carries a long and deep cultural nutrition, transfer the spirit of national gene, invasion from one generation after another. This national appeal and creativity continued to enhance the descendants of the Chinese nation's cultural identity, continuously enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation, affinity, the Chinese culture and collective memory continuously stretching. So, we have reasons to say, the Central Plains culture reflects the China history, promoting the development of social economy Chinese, and its cultural ideal leads the Oriental civilization. She There is nothing comparable to this system, with its rich, integrity, become the subject and the backbone of the mainstream culture, become the important foundation of Chinese civilization. Passing of night, now we have to bid farewell to the long period of farming, into a modern era of globalization. But, back to observe the ancient, prone to view this, Chinese traditional culture is still the immortal life, continue to give us light show, a strong incentive and beneficial enlightenment, and our socialist modernization construction of the important ideological resource, culture and moral resources, provides inexhaustible cultural support, intellectual support and the spirit of support for the great cause of rejuvenating the Chinese nation. In the present era, culture has become a more and more important source of national cohesion, our creativity, has increasingly become an important factor in the comprehensive national power. Especially in the current economy, politics, culture and the trends of integration to further accelerate, culture has become an important driving force for economic growth and an important factor of the productive forces in contemporary society, symbol of culture and cultural industry in the total social and economic increase of proportion is more and more into a national progress. In view of this, the Henan provincial Party committee, province government to build a strong cultural province as an important strategic measure of economic and social development of Henan. Basic construction of area of Central Plains economy we are planning on, in addition to the Henan location, transportation, population factor, is very importantThe culture of the Central Plains, and the profound factors. Therefore, in the face of opportunities and challenges, we in the protection and inheritance of the traditional culture and at the same time, should give full play to the role of cultural resources be richly endowed by nature in economic and social development of Henan, and through the development and innovation of ideology and culture to further promote and promote the rise of central China, the cultural soft power and promote comprehensive economic and social development. On the construction of cultural noumenon, the 17th National Congress of the CPC put forward to the development and prosperity of culture, the call, on the "carry forward the Chinese culture in the report, the construction of the spiritual home of the Chinese nation", "a comprehensive understanding of traditional Chinese culture, takes its essence, goes to its dregs, to enable it to fit in with the contemporary society, in harmony with modern civilization, keep the national characteristic, reflect the times" article, will carry forward the excellent traditional culture to enhance national cohesion and creativity, the promotion of national soft power height. This requires us to further strengthen in-depth excavation, protection and inheritance of the Central Plains culture heritage, to further promote the traditional culture in order to unity, peace loving, unremitting self-improvement, stand on one's own cultural spirit as the core; on the other hand, it requires us to inherit traditional culture, absorbing the achievements of human civilization all over the world, vigorously promote cultural innovation, advancing with the times to create and develop advanced socialist culture, the great contribution for the human civilization make worthy ancestor worthy of the times. In this context, the Propaganda Department of Party committee of Henan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department under provincial jurisdiction, the compilation and publication of the "Central Plains cultural memory", a total of 18 volumes. This set of books for the provincial cities as a unit, the classical culture and essence, be arranged to the Central Plains culture, to carry out a full range of scanning and interpretation of the culture of the central plains. The preparation of this book, contribute to accumulate and spread of the Central Plains culture, is the culture we can not shirk its responsibility, but also reflects the culture of Henan worker's love of traditional culture and value. This is a gift of contemporary people, but also to our offspring of gift. I hope this book can be the popularization of Henan historical and cultural knowledge, improve the proud people in Central Plains culture, promote the city image and cultural heritage protection, make the city more sense of history, culture, make the city more personality and characteristics, play a certain role. Liu Shaoyu in 2010 August

Follow along the traces of history, China historical starting point in Henan; the memorial along cultural context, Chinese source of culture in Henan; back along the blood flow, Chinese roots in Henan. Accordingly, Henan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, elaborate organization, 18 provincial cities jointly compiled a large series of “ the Central Plains culture memory, ” to promote Henan in China history and culture in a prominent position, and to popularize, hardcover two edition. "In the Makino - Xinxiang" for the series "in Makino (Xinxiang)", edited by Xue Zuli. A total of 10 chapters, including talk over past and present: — — Makino earth, staying to playback; — — be raging like a storm at Makino; celebrity scanning — — Xinxiang since ancient times many xungenwenzu Yingjie; — — Myanmar power Huaide Chiaki Shuo; ancient Indian like — — after the storm is still rhyme; archaeology exploration of — — through time and space to visit scenic spots in the authentic; — — magnificent Taihang, Xinxiang style; pruducts blend — — in Xinxiang, the taste of Xinxiang intangible cultural heritage overview; — — national culture [living fossil]; city card — — the future, Xinxiang. "In the Makino (Xinxiang)" the contents of a comprehensive, historical evidence, fluent, beautiful pictures, moving story.
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Talk over past and present -- Makino earth, has been a long history and rich resources across development today to playback -- be raging like a storm at the Makino battle of mingtiao -- Slave Dynasty song changes in Makino -- Wang de agreed the world war, Kong Shengren said the three rule Pu -- Wei Jiuzhao -- thirty-six meter with good Wei GUI Ling Zhang Liang Qin -- waves of sand warrior grudge burning black nest -- Cao Mengde confirmed historical records have outnumbered the Bamboo Annals -- a mutiny -- Zhao Kuangyin emperor Yue Fei anti gold -- north the Yellow River eighteen battalion three years history of Xinxiang plain Province -- write a page events of Xinxiang -- Xinxiang since ancient times many celebrity scanning Yingjie flood hero -- Gong Gong Oriental Mou St. -- Jiang Taigong Zhiyong celebrities -- Mao Sui son -- Zhou Bo, Prime Minister Zhou Yafu "person of the world" -- Chen Pingzaixiang -- Zhang Cang -- the mathematician inventor's "extreme obsequiousness" -- the president -- Lou Shide Xu Shichang -- Wang Yanqing the father of Xinxiang industry of rural Party branch secretary example -- Shi Laihe Xinxiang celebrity xungenwenzu -- Burmese power Huaide Chiaki Shuo originated in Xinxiang Tai Gong Wei surname descendants with luxuriant foliage More than a thousand Miao Lin Hui world root -- than birthday 3100 anniversary ceremony of the ancient city of impression -- after the storm is still famous historical and cultural city -- Weihui Yun Qing Dynasty houses paradigm -- small river archaeological exploration -- through time and space with authentic early sites (including the city) ancient tombs and relics collections of cultural relics in Xinxiang national, provincial units of cultural relics protection of scenic spots in the magnificent style -- Taihang, Xinxiang south of Taihang Mountains nomadic community cultural tour of the Yellow River red tourism in Ecotourism -- pruducts blend into Xinxiang, the taste of Xinxiang Yuanyang rice honeysuckle Fengqiu pomegranate Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce Huojia Yee, chrome strips of intangible cultural heritage overview -- national culture [living fossil] national intangible cultural heritage of provincial intangible cultural heritage of Xinxiang intangible cultural heritage (47) -- a city card, Xinxiang new Makino town hero village Choi are
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The copyright page: illustration: set fire to the nest -- Cao Mengde outnumbered Mao Zedong in "Lang Taosha Beidaihe" with "in the past millennium, Wei whiplash, Jieshi have left the East articles. Bleak autumn wind is this, the world "for the sentence. The mention of "Wei Wu" refers to Cao Cao, the word "Essentials of Wei whiplash" to describe the magnificent spirit military strategist, statesman Cao Cao and chic style. The Eastern Han Dynasty, the warlords, the aristocratic families from Yuan Shao's most powerful. He took the Hebei (Southern Hebei), green (east of Shandong), you (Northern Hebei), and four (north of Shanxi). Cao Cao to occupy the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River area to the south, "with the emperor as feudal order". After several years of operation, Cao Cao's forces developed very quickly, become the only against Yuan Shao's military strength. 200 years, yuan, Cao in Guandu (now Henan Zhongmu northeast) started World War II, Cao Cao outnumbered, defeated Yuan Shao, laid the foundation for the future of the unification of the north. This classic match and Yanjin have a close relationship. Yanjin Gucheng jujube County, Yanjin County, the Northern Song dynasty. The Eastern Han Dynasty when Yanjin or ancient ferry, refers to the ancient the Yellow River flows through this Henan Yanjin northwest to Huaxian with a North, as important ferry, Yanjin collectively, the actual location mostly in this Yanjin County, located about fifty kilometers northeast of Guandu. Yuan Shao 191 years built a wall to prevent the attack of Cao cao. 199 years summer, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao formation of North South confrontation along the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. At that time, Yuan Shao Yong Bing 100000, strength, to the South and Cao Cao battle. But Cao Cao but thirty thousand or forty thousand, and South Liu Biao, Jiangdong have sun CE with the enemy, in a very unfavorable position. This year in August, by Yuan Shao from south of the news, the main force to Cao Cao house Du, front to stop the Yuan Shao's attack, and they led the troops into Qingzhou to Yuan Jun, and sent two cavalry stem people garrison Yanjin ferry, hold the white horse (now the Henan Huaxian). The 200 year spring, Liu Bei occupied Xuzhou, PI, and Yuan Shao, to jointly cope with Cao cao. Cao Cao forestalls opponent by a show of strength, led troops captured East and hit Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Liu Bei loses to Yuan Shao. In Cao Liu war, Yuan Shao Tian Feng advise Yuan Shaocong to attack behind counsellor Cao Cao, Yuan Shao did not listen, lose their favorable fighter. Until Cao Cao returned to Guandu, Yuan Shaocai want to attack Cao Cao Xu are (now Henan Xuchang), Tian Feng believes that the situation has become negative, not in favor of the attack, Yuan Shaojiu said Tian Feng "undermine the morale", put him in jail. Then, Yuan Shao was 100000 army Yu Liyang (now Henan Xunxian County East), prepared to cross the river into the heart of many. First he sent General Liang siege since ma. Cao Cao heard counsellor Xun You, led the army to go to Yanjin first, pretending to cross the river. Yuan Shao dont know is plan, divide forces against them. Cao Cao to rate Qingqi direct drive white horse, Cao Guan Yu chopped down by Yan Liang to the horse, Yuan Jun chaos, have scattered. Yuan Shao white failed siege, hate not bite Cao Cao swallow, lead a force across the river south. His advisers Ju Shou dissuade said: "now is the best way to garrison Yanjin, part of the separation of troops to attack Guandu. If the army to the south, in the event of failure, will have The whole army was wiped out. risk." Yuan Shaogang is back for their own use, do not listen to dissuade persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, command civilian clown as the vanguard troops marched southward, rate. Cao Cao Yuan Shao southward from news, goes out to the Yanjin 南扎 camp, you meet the yuan army. In order to lure Yuan Jun, he ordered all cavalry strip, let go of the reins, the baggage cars haphazardly thrown on the road. Yuan Jun saw the material lying all over the floor, fall over each other to snatch, chaos. Confusion Cao Cao suddenly attack, life soldiers fighting together. Wen Chou was killed in the confusion, Yuan Jun many troops captured. Yuan Jun is in the white horse, the two Yanjin war defeat, losing Yan Liang, Wen Chou two generals, but the military still dominant. July attack Yang Wu (now Henan Yuanyang County), ready to attack, many south gong du. Ju Shou also advised: "although our forces, but not the Cao fierce. Cao Jun's food, supplies as we fully, if the fighting for Cao Jun, we apply a protracted war consumption of each other." Yuan Shao listen to, the army in front of Guandu tie zhai. Front for several dozens years, Cao CaozhenFront relative Xiangzhi, both for more than 3 months. In October, Yuan Shao sent General 淳于琼 with ten thousand troops from the city general grain transported to the black nest (now Henan Yanjin southeast) hoard. Ju Shou and suggestions sent another army stationed in the squirrels were outside, into the horn of potential, to prevent the Cao attack, Yuan Shaoyou didn't listen. Another Yuan Shao adviser said: "Cao Jun Xu you to assemble in Guandu, rear empty, can be sent cavalry attack Xu, Cao Jun end cannot change, and then win." Yuan Shao said dismissively: "no, I must then captured Cao cao." Xu you feel so inevitable defeat Yuan Shao at. Just then, Xu you's family were locked up in the city. Xu you angry, starry night to Cao cao. Cao Cao heard Xu you come, happy even shoes are not worn, barefoot ran out to meet, even said: "I can be successful event." Cao Cao Xu you see Synod, put Yuan Shao in the nest hoarding rations to speak out, and recommend the Qingqi to attack. Cao Cao be overjoyed, because Cao Jun was only a month rations, are pondering a surprise policy. Xu you suggest that median Cao Cao, he immediately act according to Xu you's plan. Night, Cao Cao left Cao Hong, defending Guandu camp, personally led 5000 horsemen, and Yuan army banner, from the path to the nest. Met Yuan Jun, he was also clever trick. Cao Jun successfully reached the destination, surrounded by the grain bin, put fire. The dark smoke four, flames. Yuan Jun was a scene of chaos, Wu Chao Shou will 淳于琼 hurried battle, was to kill Cao Jun. Yuan Jun is in Guandu, heard that the nest fire, are uninterested. General Zhang Tai, Gao Lan troops surrendered to Cao cao. Cao Jun also fought bravely, Yuan Jun scatter. Yuan Shao and his son Yuan Tanlai to wear, 800 cavalry with the rest fled back to Hebei. Guandu battle, Cao Cao killed Yuan Shao force, and later spent 7 years time, the reunification of the north. Battle of Guandu, named Guandu, part of the battlefield in Yanjin, Yuanyang etc.. The "white out", "Yanjin map" and "burn black nest" the most famous three battle.
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"Makino, Xinxiang" in the editors recommend: Xinxiang city is located in the northern part of Henan Province, south of the Yellow River, adjacent to the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, is "one of the most important group of city of Central Plains city cross" core area. Xinxiang has a long history and culture, Yangshao culture, Longshan culture remains, the battle of Makino, the dry cutting heart remonstration, Zhang Liang Qin, Zhao Kuangyin emperor and other major historical events happened in this new China, at the beginning of the establishment of provincial capital was plain. Rich natural resources and tourist resources, the eight mountains, ditch, Guan Shan, long as the representative of the southern Taihang landscape and Baiquan, Luwang tomb, Bigan temple as the representative of the cultural landscape features. Xue Zuli editor of the "Makino, Xinxiang" in the way of popular with pictures, vividly to us about Xinxiang from ancient to modern times, historical events, celebrity sages, surname dear, archaeological culture, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, folk culture, local Food, city name card etc..
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