Human representative of the intangible cultural heritage

Date of publication:2006-9   Press: Elephant press   Author:Zou Qishan   Pages:193  

In the vast river of history, the intangible cultural heritage is the crystallization of the coordinated development of human and nature gradually accumulated wisdom. It reflects the ethnic characteristics, carrying the national spirit, retains a deep cultural gene nation. With the development of globalization and modernization, human survival environment change and human factors, too many to count of the intangible cultural heritage is facing the danger and death, some even has ceased to exist, being forever regret. The protection of intangible cultural heritage, as Chinese which is in a developing, with several thousand years of cultural history of the ancient country, significance. This book consists of three parts, the first part introduces the China representative and shared with Mongolia's Mongolia long tune folk songs, the second part introduces the representative of a country to declare 80 alone, third parts for multinational shared project. Book knowledge belongs to the whole human intangible cultural heritage masterpieces, to improve the recognition of intangible cultural heritage, especially for the young generation, high school students know the world, rich knowledge, broaden one's horizon helpful.
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A First Kunqu arts Guqin art in Xinjiang Uygur Muqam arts of Mongolia long tune folk songs of two Second Albania folk parallel polyphonic ancient Lala area, beep grams and music Ahli Azerbaijan wood card, bowler singing art binche Carnival Garifuna Language, dance and music heat Ryder oral heritage de 拉迈兹 mask inspired the Oruro Carnival Andean carabaya universe belief form tile yuppie human oral and picture expression Bahia Le hole GA Wo cyclotron Samba Xiao Pu Luke area of polyphony, dance and rituals of the Royal Ballet of Kampuchea sibeike through Khmer shadow of non Aka Pygmies of the oral tradition the carnival of Barranquilla St. Brazil Rio Palenque cultural space Costa Rica carts and traditional village Tagg Bana ethnic cross the trumpet music and cultural space of French music played the Slovak conscription dance Mei 拉镇 hole fruit spirit brotherhood cultural space Kokoro Dance Theatre traditional Hera Rya Gao Shi Kenu culture space Georgian polyphonic singing Rabinal Aki drama and dance Niagassolasoso Bala cultural space 鸠提耶 in Sanskrit drama Rama Rama lira -- Narayana traditional performing shadow puppet Indonesia Kris Iraqi Muqam Sicilian puppet show Sardinian pastoral -- Moore town folk song of Malone traditional Noh puppet dolls Bunraku Kabuki Petra and Wadi Room Bedouin culture space (Akon art and Kyrgyz epic Lithuania crosses carved and the symbol of Jaffee Manny Lee's sculpture of Wim bouza rehabilitation dance Ma Rong theatrical dance, allal and Degale culture festival for the dead space of indigenous Matouqin traditional music Gemma Elverna Plaza cultural space Tan Mu plug, bazaar towards than xylophone Eyre rose gons ephah predicted system Palestinian Ilkka Geeta Gilles and textile art Yves high population Lake Lanao hade hade chant Mara's Da LAN root epic court Jongmyo jerye music pansori epic rap Jiangling Dragon Boat Festival Carus ceremony plug Maisky culture space and oral culture Ou Longke Huo -- Yakut heroic epic Fu zhe pulling its music Elche mystery Baerga Pa Tum pull Karaka hip-hop dance wheat daddah storytelling May J Le Faye Sema ceremony Uganda tapa manufacturing process bosun's area of air Oral heritage and cultural activities of Vanuatu sand Vietnamese court music drum culture space songs of Sanaa, gold and masquerade, Ben 德耶路 from rhema dance three Third Belgian and French giants and Longyou ceremony ZABRA people (Baltic dance celebration gule VOM Kuru Kang 居朗 -- manding Association initiation Sha Shi Muqam music
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Vietnamese court music Vietnam court music in 2003 was declared a UNESCO representative of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, belongs to the traditional music category. The court music of literal translation means "elegant music", refers to a variety of styles, the first half of the fifteenth Century to twentieth Century popular in Vietnam the palace music and dance. It performed at various ceremonies, such as the anniversary celebration, a religious holiday, coronation, funeral or reception etc.. In Vietnam, many local music species, only the court music with national influence, have close contact with the traditional music of East Asian countries. The court music playing requires many musicians, sometimes need to dance and singing, dance costume Yongronghuagui, cloth is fine in texture. A large orchestra conductor by the drum head, occupies a central position, and a variety of percussion instruments (bells, gongs, bells and wooden bell) and Orchestra (flute, flute, trumpet, harp and lute). Musicians must be very focused on each stage, maintain and ceremony synchronization. The court music was born in the Li Dynasty (1427 ~ 1788), the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 ~ 1945) formed the music system, was designated as the Royal music. As a symbol of imperial power, the court music in every year more than 100 celebration activities, become the main part of the royal family etiquette. Solemn and its role is not limited to celebrate the royal family, but also for the gods and kings, to pay tribute to them, at the same time it also transmits philosophy Vietnamese, to express their understanding of the evolution of the. In twentieth Century, various types of disasters in Vietnam, especially the destruction and war decades, a serious threat to the survival of the court music. There is no royal background, the traditional music has lost its original social functions. However, now the former palace musicians still alive is trying to keep the continuation of this kind of music. Some forms of court music to survive in the folk worship and religious activities, a Vietnamese contemporary music for reference.
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