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The Communication University of China Journalism Department of the "literature and history (Second Edition)" is the academic type master a journalism, communication, advertising, international journalism, radio and television journalism, public opinion and other professional direction of the postgraduate entrance examination and the preparation of the reference books; at the same time, it is also suitable to participate in the civil service examination and engaged in journalism and communication and advertising, copywriting, secretarial and other related personnel to read. It can enrich readers of literature and history knowledge structure and Chinese language, can help the readers to improve political writing ability.
Catalogue of books

Chinese and foreign literature, the basic knowledge of
A, the ancient Chinese literature
ancient style poetry evolution of

prose ancient ballad songs of Chu

myth of Oracle Bone Inscriptions of bronze inscriptions of pre Qin allegory writing

verse prose quotations

archaic poems poetry poetry rhyme

word yue fu

ancient opera Sanqu Zaju

zhugongdiao ancient novels.

essays of Tang Dynasty legendary Dunhuang songs

eight shares in

Nihuaben novels
[pre Qin literature] "the book of songs"

"Shangshu" "spring and Autumn"
"Zuo Zhuan", "Mandarin"

"Warring States"

"the Analects of Confucius", "Meng Zi"


"Lu spring and autumn"......
the history of basic knowledge of
Chinese basic knowledge of
ancient prose annotation
commentary or writing
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: Essays, essays, prose varieties of. "Essay" a word in the Jin Dynasty in China, called the Sutra versions of the simplified version is "pieces", the "great product". After this "pieces" referred to those who express freedom, short essays essay writing. The late Ming Dynasty has a very high status in the history of Chinese literature. Characteristics of the late Ming Dynasty is short, loose structure, easy and interesting style of writing. Essays in late Ming Dynasty has an important significance in the ancient prose transition to modern prose. During the first half of twentieth Century, 30's essays flourished in 1932 September, Lin Yutang founded the "Analects of Confucius" semimonthly, is the first specialized magazines published essays. At this time and later the so-called "essays", refers to the form of lively, content diversity, short essay writing, they or students to speak some truth, or vivid refining to describe a thing, its characteristic is simple, it, pay attention to taste, and often have a sense of humor and satirical power. Because the content is different, essay into satire, topical sketches, essays on science, historical sketch. Tang Legend of the Tang Dynasty Classical Chinese short stories, content is more telling anecdotes, later known as the Tang Chuanqi. Tang Chuanqi in the first "the mirror", according to legend, Suimo early Tang Wang degree, content of the Six Dynasties Zhiguai novel Seok off. The prosperity of Tang Dynasty, poetry, legend is relatively lonely. The Tang Dynasty was the prosperous period, the works of Tang Chuanqi, the famous also, some of the most outstanding single legend almost all produced in this period. During this period, the legendary work, from the content of the subject matter, can be roughly divided into fantasy, romance, history, chivalrous such. Some works cross, such as fantasy and love theme in many other topics are also combined. (1) the genie class. Speaking is a kind fairy tales and ghost story. Although the subject from the Six Dynasties Zhiguai novel tradition, but the content and form have new features. Both Shen Ji "pillow note", Li Gongzuo "Nanke satrap biography", were written Lu Sheng, Chun Yu Fen in a dream in the very prime minister, power and influence, waking consciousness, religious story. The theme of world wealth as the empty dream manifestation. (2) the genie and the kind of love. Both Shen Ji "jenco biography", write the fox into Belle ringer, cohabitation and poor scholar Zheng Liu, let's not only beautiful and extraordinary, good intelligence, and can resist the violence, image and moving, as the pilot later "Liaozhaizhiyi", focuses on Fox essence story, story writing is the "pillow note" more delicate. Li Zhaowei "Liu Yi" Liu Yi book, write the scholar rescue Dongting dragon out of trouble, after several twists and turns, and finally the Dragon married. Bizarre plot, vivid characters, elaborate and meticulous, diction Huayan, as Tang Chuanqi's masterpiece. (3) the kind of love. In addition to the above the genie appeared in the form of the love story, and some specially written human love story. So Yao, "Liu Zhuan", written by the poet Han Lius in love, in discrete, the story of the last reunion.
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"Journalism and communication research postgraduate entrance exam reference book: the Historical Guide (Second Edition)" published by the Communication University of China press.
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