History of French culture

Date of publication:1997-5   Press: Peking University press   Author:Luo Peng   Pages:490   Words:400000  

In order to promote cultural and historical knowledge, Peking University press launched a cultural history series of books, both Chinese ancient cultural history, there are foreign nationality cultural history. "The French cultural history" is the national cultural history in the. The hand from the formation of France's ancient country, rise until about twentieth Century modern, become the throughout history clue; on the other hand, from the religion, literature, University, Abbey, salon, Arts (painting, music, songs, drama, architecture), Science (chemical, biological, radiological etc.) the transverse description. At the same time, also introduced the China and French cultural exchange situation. In the history of thought, this book presents the cultural evolution of France, the French culture magnificent picture show. For example, through the "Paris University" section, explaining the characteristics of French university development, University (protective privileges, exemptions, teachers and students), Elite University (Rogier Bacon, SaintThomas Aquinas), a detailed description of the position, the role of culture in University, influence. Moreover, "life" aristocratic salons refinement in this section, describes the unique form of French social, artistic creation, cultural atmosphere is formed, we need to know about the French people do not understand very much. The culture of French romanticism is world famous, in the eighth chapter, a detailed elaboration to the romantic. Science is an organic part of the modern French culture. In the tenth chapter, "the French specially discusses the development of natural science". Descartes, Lavoisier, Laplasse, Pasteur and other famous scientists, as the incarnation of civilization, tell the readers. The author discusses the very strict, for example, behind the character's name, a French group, a life time, so that readers can rest assured, confirmation, but also convenient for you to read the original novel. As said the shortage, some readers may wish it is big in the literature, some may want it with much ink in science, some might want to have more discussion on politics, because culture is a very broad concept. How to deal with these problems, it needs to focus the reader comments and suggestions, to consider.
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Luo Peng, male, born in 1945, master of literature, Professor of the Department of western language and literature, Peking University.
Feng Tang, male, born in 1951, master of history, Peking University associate professor of University of International Relations.
Meng Hua, female, born in 1944, doctor of comparative literature, Peking University professor of comparative literature and cultural studies.
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The first chapter from the ancient to the reunification of the country to form the first festival of ancient human and Paleolithic Culture Festival second Frankish Kingdom establishment and expansion in third Frank cultures fourth French national reunification of the second chapter 11-15 century French First Cultural Festival of religious literature section second heroic epic third day fourth day fifth day knight literature literature catered to ordinary citizens Orlean Lui Te Boff Villon, and sixth section of the Paris University seventh a monastic reform movement and the society's heresy movement eighth Gothic chapter Third French humanism and reformation section humanistic literature section of the second Calvin's thought of the religious reform third religious wars and Henry IV section fifth Bodin's national sovereignty theory in section fifth, humanism and religious war history chapter fourth classical and Barok first established the autocratic struggle of second day's aristocratic salons elegant life of third section two kinds of thought opposite Barok in the fourth quarter fifth festival culture classical culture fifth chapter first day age of enlightenment Enlightenment -- connecting time On behalf of the second day culture dissemination and exchange of culture of the Republic of the fourth day third day fifth day of Rococo art from the Enlightenment literature to enlightenment...... The eighth chapter sixth culture cultural trend change chapter seventh chapter nineteenth Century revolution and Napotan period of social life and the Paris commune change and modern culture was born in twentieth Century ninth chapter: Modernism rise tenth chapter eleventh French science Sino French cultural exchange history of French culture year table
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