Hantang cultural history

Date of publication:2002-6-1   Press: Hunan people's Publishing House   Author:Xiong Tieji   Pages:369   Words:250000  

Bear iron-based, born in 1933. School of history and culture, Huazhong Normal University, Ph. D tutor. China ancient history long been engaged in teaching and research, focusing on the ideological and cultural history in recent ten years, especially the research of Taoism history. Author of "Qin and Han Dynasty Neo Taoism on release", "Han culture", "history of Qin and Han Dynasties History of military system"; editor in chief has "traditional culture and China society", "emperor", the prime minister Chinese dictionary
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The first chapter of the article after the Qin and Han Dynasties China ancient cultural development in the second chapter, the fourth chapter and the characteristics of North and south western development system culture construction to spiritual culture and cultural development third chapter of fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter eighth the social trend of thought in literature and art custom chapter ninth chapter appendix on the cultural history of the Han and Tang Dynasties postscript postscript @##@ reprint information "This one low" is a set of academic book series, dedicated to the study of works Chinese traditional culture. Since the reform and opening up, the traditional culture of China unprecedentedly active, and more and more. Research Chinese traditional culture, to inherit and carry forward the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, make the past serve the present, faster and better to build China into a prosperous, democratic, civilized country. This series aims to provide an academic forum for the latest research results, to promote the study of Chinese traditional culture deeply and prosperity. We will follow the "All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought" policy, in line with the social benefit first principle, number of years of efforts, a good set of books. "A low" in addition to the general meaning and literally, "一牛吼地" abbreviation, refers to the distance of the lowing. This set of books and took the two meaning, where a high level of academic works have been published, which like the cow Yiming, the sound of loud, will fly Zhen Lin Yue, heard in the distance. Xuehai boundless, add a new work, the writers have stride a new mileage.
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