Hakka Canon

Date of publication:2012-10   Press: Guangdong Higher Education Press   Author:Tan Yuanheng   Pages:377  

"Yuan Heng diction, Hakka Canon: a large migration of people's cultural history" is one of the "Yuan Heng diction" series, as the Hakka research, select "canon" the essence of Hakka, Hakka culture and "history", tells the story of the essence of Hakka culture. Fill in the nation in the world. The great migration in the other half, the cultural migration of Hakka style proposition activate, promote the theory of philosophy, anthropology; the process of organic Hakka and cultural tradition of the Chinese nation formed together.
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Tan Yuanheng, Guangdong Shunde Longjiang, the international IRSCL member, vice president of the Chinese New Literature Association, member of Chinese Writers Association, member of China TV Artists Association, 1993 to enjoy special government allowances of the State Council, the Guangdong Provincial People's government counselor. Now South China University of Technology Hakka Culture Institute, Professor, doctoral supervisor, vice president of Guangdong Province Pearl River Culture Institute, Guangfu Association executive president. Won the National Awards 4 items, including the national "Five" project award, horse award, China Book Prize; national prize 5, a new era of excellent literary and art books, TV drama award first prize and Beijing October literary awards; has published books of literature history and philosophy. More than 130 kinds, about 40000000 words and the main representative of "Yuan Heng the" 6 volumes, "Tan Yuanheng zixuanji" "Tan Yuanheng anthology" 12 volumes. Theoretical works are "China's cultural history" "Southern China two major ethnic groups of the cultural anthropology to construct" "Cantonese roots" "Hakka canon" and so on more than 30. Literary works "Yang", "spirit of Hakka" trilogy, "educated youth and women's trilogy" and so on more than 40 species. Documentary and Shi Chuanyou "invalid passport" "Pan three brothers," and so on more than 20 species. Some have been translated into English, French and Japanese multinational literal works. Once invited to Europe, Asian and African continent 10 many universities for Chinese literature, Hakka culture lectures. A number of otherwise.
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The introduction of Hakka: who am I? Where did I come from? I went to where? The theme of life and the overall cultural spirit Canon solutions Symphony revivification of mythology is a people's age: the old and the young can not define "I could not come" from the first part of the wonton to the tomb: Hakka myth and a great migration of Hakka cultural history myth wonton fog history long history of overlooking the world migrations Hun: the West and south of the eternal city fall "death's door" five random Hua: still is "death's door" and "refugee": hundreds of Shizu Qing Xu 流人, Henan, Qin 雍流 our shed dead: Feishui war Qingliu genealogy ancestral tablets for customers and Jia Yan protect and develop the "overseas Chinese home counties" hidden with the orthodox maintain Eurasia "enclave" a new world history is a living fossil of the Three Great Lakes language fault: "enclave" of Gen. Hokudo: "enclave" two thoughts "Herald" Genesis two: geomancy drifting and suffering: cultural soil Tang 音末 toward "free period" Linchuan: a transition zone from "free" to "consciousness" wonton was representative of Meizhou: another "enclave" from "self" to "self": Qin Wang vainly to prove second part of idea History: the cultural migration activation of the Hakka style proposition third part time frames: the day after day fourth times on the Hakka women: female myth and modern interpretation of the fifth part "the guest port:" miserable "was the ballad" and "Jinshan mythology" ending the ancestor bone: a thinking starting of appendix reference
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Of course, not just the reason. There is a competition, she said, and my mother said the same, are all hakka. My mother is the Hakka people, but here it is in. It sounds very kind. I go to, unexpectedly, he entered a Hakka village, said is like my mother's dialect. They just don't have to take me, that is to say, don't let me down, but let me in their own school of contemporary teachers, teaching their children. At that time, the school is very few, little...... And that time, reading is not only useless, but also "harm"...... But the Hakka still so persistent, regarded education as the. From then on, I began to chalk career, I have taught Chinese, English, mathematics, physics in ten primary and secondary schools, sports, art also teach. During the summer vacation, we go when the bricklayers, masons, picking river sand, carrying bamboo...... Until one day, because a small theater, hiring the company, as a professional writer, and the writer. Finally, I returned to school, accompanied with chalk. "Love of students," this four word, deeply printed in my heart. This is not only four words, but contains very deep, very deep meaning. The desire for civilization, the emphasis on education, their value orientation, personality criterion...... All in all, are contained in these four words. Indeed, as I have written in this book, education, only education can cross the power, status, money and all sorts of utilitarian things, take humanity out folly, bring out the barbarism to civilization, science, democracy, freedom and social justice, humanity, justice. There is a determined future. Since that time, I just made a vow, for them, for China's education, Hakka people, write a should be up in the annals of his work -- my mood, no longer calm and. So, will have nearly 150 words "Hakka spirit". It has been 20 years in the making, wrote more than 10 novels. It is the "Millennium depth", Hakka people since the four or five century the great migration of the heroic history; "a hundred years show", is China's education in twentieth Century ups and downs; "ten years of focus", today is the "rejuvenating China through science and education"...... In the 2l century, I finished it.......
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