Girls white as jade are teaching flute-music

Date of publication:2011-12   Press: Wei Minghua Nanjing Normal University press (2011-12)   Author:Wei Minghua   Pages:320  

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In my dream of Yangzhou "ten year dream sleep Yangzhou, who won the fickle brothel." This is the poetry of Du Muzhi. "I dream of Yangzhou, think of Yangzhou dream i." This is Zheng Banqiao's words. People of different age, always doing a different dream of Yangzhou. I dream of Yangzhou economy to have a breakthrough leap. Yangzhou not only to achieve the Soviet Union in the first, but also in the province, the country and all over the world to the top. When people in Yangzhou would never talk about culture is enraptured, a lack of confidence about the economy. I dream of Yangzhou has at least one part of the world cultural heritage. No matter is the ancient canal or Shugang - Slender West Lake or Yangzhou Han Ming City or, or other projects or. World heritage not only brings the illustrious glory to us, and gave us a big moneymaker. I dream of Yangzhou once again become the North South transport hub. The train has been opened to traffic, the bridge has been built, these dreams have become reality. If you build an airport, Yangzhou traffic will be completely successful dream. When people in Yangzhou want to go to any city in the world, all day. My dream is to revive the glory of Yangzhou culture. The new era of Li Taibai, Su Dongpo, Tang Bohu is to travel to Yangzhou as the honor, Yangzhou Yangzhou school scholars to create new, Yangzhou artists to create new Yangzhou school. All the history of Yangzhou's unique culture will flourish, and the emergence of a number of ancient and modern culture beyond the foreigners master.
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My dream of Yangzhou -- Preface read write two Li Yaxian Fuga Dong Shang and Zhang Xun fu I have seen my friends become ghosts -- like college students, the writers Feng Keng and Lu Xun Wang Shaotang fan Pei Xian hundred years Wang Banzai Fang Qi Ju Tao -- I and Li Xintang a relationship orogenic said read city Dongguan tidal Wenchang spring to dream of Dong Zici city 100 feet Indus Pavilion and a master song Chan book found Fang what 公盛 - looking for old He Gongsheng soy sauce taste salt 冬荣 park our legendary beauty who lives in a small Zhuluo on Yangzhou wind read Secretary "stone 隐庐 Kunqu yinpu" order "Yangzhou" order "to listen to the heart from the details to the" excellence "" I and "green Yang City" "Yangzhou ten diary" three questions about "Sun Lieshi Zhu Dan heritage" Yangzhou dialect of Guangling Tibetan Secretary fifty years past one hundred volumes I and Yangzhou folk art books to read and write in Jiangnan canal zouma Guangling school and Yushan school Polo puzzle don't treasure back to Wang Zhi -- of cultural exchanges between China and Germany the pioneer of modern Japanese Yangzhou margin in the eyes of foreigners in Yangzhou @##@ Yangzhou canal Sinologist "Cultural life series: Chuixiao Yuren where teaching" the main contents include: the elegant Dong Shangshu, and a governor, I have seen my friends become ghosts, Pei Xian and Lu Xun, Wang Shaotang's fans, one hundred years of Wang Banzai, Qi Fang Ju road etc..
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"Chuixiao Yuren where teaching" published by the Nanjing Normal University press.
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