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Date of publication:2011-2   Press: Heilongjiang people's Publishing House   Author:Sonangi, Sonam Dorje   Pages:151  

This paper discussed the formation and development path of "Gesar" in the epic. Gelsall is the Tibetan heroic epic "Gelsall" the hero, he led the tribe to the king of people evil, restrain the powerful and help the weak, be called save bitterness beg hard national hero. "Eternal sing: China epic Gesar '' the king", "Villaraigosa distribution characteristics, reflecting the thought," social value and academic value and use of Gesar "rapper research, culture, heritage and its protection.
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The preface (blue but) the first chapter "Gesar" Overview "Gesar" connotation and passing section second "Gesar" spread "Gesar" third characters and themes section Fourth "Gesar" Scenery Legend fifth "Gesar" sixth basic characters of "Gesar" section of the special value seventh "Gesar" for the development of the history and function of eighth day "Gesar" section ninth "Gesar rap ceremony" rapper tenth Festival "Gesar" rapper of the second chapter "Gesar" related evaluation section genius masterpiece evaluation section second "Gesar" and related groups, community cultural and historical origin and representative assessment third the traditional festival culture unique evaluation fourth festival culture form the continuation of the necessity to evaluate the third chapter "Gesar" status first festival culture form endangered status and crisis of second cultural forms endangered reason third festival culture form endangered results in the fourth chapter "Gesar" protection and development planning (in the case of the first day in Guoluo) objective second section mainly target third stage fourth To promote the "Gesar" culture protection work of security measures in Chapter fifth experts on the "Gesar" evaluation section of Tibetan culture morphology in section second "Gesar" represents the highest achievements of ancient Tibetan Folk Culture Festival third as the essential characteristic of Folk Literature -- the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival fourth encouraging tremendous achievements in fifth day full the development of "Gesar" cultural undertakings, for the brilliant chapter sixth famous "Gesar" artist Geri tip reference interview postscript
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The first section "Gesar" connotation and transmission of most readers may know "Gesar" is an epic, but in addition to sing the national and in relevant professional scholars, few people know the meaning of "Gesar" why. "Gesar" is a Tibetan transliteration, single literally, "flower" and "contains strong". But in this particular context, Gelsall is a personal name, is the hero of this epic heroine, is an evil, restrain the powerful and help the weak, help people in distress national hero. Tibetan heroic epic "Gelsall" the hero "Gelsall king" as the axis, with all sorts of incident radiation, surge high and sweep forward the ancient Tibetan tribal "Ling" in its leader Gelsall under the command of the plight, after arduous and tortuous, sign Mu Gen a strong enemy tribe, ruled by law, good and evil, eventually set up a powerful empire -- "Ling", legend and seek welfare for the masses of the people. "Gelsall" includes three parts: one is the opening, Gelsall from the celestial adhering to the "because the demons and ghosts disrupt people living in from all sides, Gelsall will be bound to subdue the demon, enable people to live and work in peace" historical mission, born of. Heaven, including birth, horse racing board: two is in process, namely Gelsall subdue demons, including the famous "North", the "Huo Ling war", "sea", "security door ridge war", there are 18 large, 18 cases and 18 small etc.. To the survey of 8 old artist in the "Gelsall" director of General Office of Professor Yang Enhong, Yi people accepted the bulk of the 18 are: North Ridge, yielding magic Huo war, war, Jiang ridge ridge, a battle of property cases, Chinese tea, Mongolia Ma Zong Zong, Qi Zong, a tie on the coral agate, jade Zong, Zong Katch snow crystal reports, to ancient weapon, pull sheep Zong, 100 cases were silk, sweet medicine cases, Zong Zhang Zong, Meiling Jin Zong, pearl, is the ancient 骡宗; three, Gelsall completed the mission to destroy the world, hell, purgatory to mother 果萨 and love Princess 阿达拉姆 based at the bottom of the hell of the undead, return to heaven part, including the Inferno and stability of three. For the opening and the article, artist arrangement is roughly consistent, in the article the middle of each are not identical. In the article is an open architecture, artists can put a lot of war they know in this part. Some artists can sing sing 18 large, 4 magic history, can even sing more war; some artists sing 4 drop history; some artists sing 18 bulk. Open structure has certain provisions, but also easy to play folk artists. The artisan can according to their mastery of the knowledge and ability, enrich and develop the middle part in the article. This is also the "Gesar" still continue to spread, development, like a rolling snowball as the cause of greater. Open structure, so that the "Gesar" became the world's longest epic. So far, we from the epic spread provinces (including Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan) and collected all kinds of manuscripts, wood block printed edition 289.......
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