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Culture will become a new world of independent, this is the ultimate trend and results about. Before becoming an independent world, culture itself must have a long evolution, expansion and improvement of the development process. Han Minqing compiled the "Cultural History (fine)" evolved into the readers about the world history and cultural history.
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A, world history: course material consciousness culture
two, culture: the formation of
second chapter religious and morphology of
third chapter early religious causes
second day origin
the first section religious nature of the reality of the Religious Science Art
Vol. religion and religious era
the first chapter primitive thinking
first thinking
second section of primitive thinking characteristics of
Third: emotion and understanding of
the first section's structure: instinct, emotion and understanding of
second religious understanding of factors affect
Fourth Religion: emotion and cognition of undifferentiated
fourth chapter religious characteristics of
the first spontaneous
second fantasy
third personification
Fourth belief
fifth ethical
sixth social
seventh space-time
the first section of chapter religious culture and religious consciousness.
second religious ceremony
third religious organizations
Fourth religious materialized
fifth religion and Art Festival of religion and science.
sixth chapter of religion and human
the first person structure and religious
second < br > third and religious beliefs and religious festival of
Fourth life values and religious
section fifth human culture and religious
sixth love and religious
seventh religion on the transformation of
seventh chapter of religion and social
the first day of religious social function
second religious and economic
third religious and political
Fourth religious and social culture
eighth chapter religious evolution
the first religious evolution of
second religious culture in the primary stage: the advanced stage of natural religion,
third religious culture: the fall of the theology of religion
Fourth religious culture: the secular religious
ninth chapter the future of religion and historical status of
the first festival of science culture in the age of religious
second volumes of science and The age of science
third volumes of art and art in the age of
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: change anything to have power, regardless of the power from the outside or from within, no power is not. The evolution of religion also must have the power. Religion is a cultural phenomenon, is the accompanying phenomenon of human being, of course, is inseparable from the human beings. Whether this can be said that the human being is the driving force in the development of religion? Can't simply say. Because this empty and abstract. Not only that, why humans evolved to promote religious? This is not a simple sentence can answer. Therefore, also the relationship from the point of religion to find power. First, religion exists in the society, provide the basis for the social background for the emergence and development of religion. The relation and interaction between religion and society environment, provided the impetus for the development of the most basic religious. The social environment on the most basic function of religion, is the creation of material and time condition for religious activities. Toynbee said: "since ancient times, the construction of civilization is the production of residual. That is to say, people can produce more than the minimum living needs food and other supplies. Relying on the residual material of these produced, be engaged in economic activities outside the cause -- for example, the construction of the Malaya mainland cover tomb, Egypt and Mexico Pyramid, Mayan and Khmer temple." The evolution of social conditions and religion is directly related to the. The original religion, have deep social background, provided this is a social economic activity as religion, religion to coordinate people's social consciousness and spiritual pillar, and Fang face. It is the need of the society to become the first impetus in the development of religion. Many people opposed to the social need power, think religion is the dark side of human culture, without a little bright surface. This is totally wrong. Take religion as the dark, due to the modern religion of science culture of repression and persecution, but from the perspective of cultural history, religion is an important position and role of culture, is the insurmountable historical stage. Religion is the need of the society, the evolution of religion and social needs. No social culture shape is not present. Not only that, religion has dominated a era, so that all aspects of society steeped in religious culture. The religion of society has played a combination and change some role. Religion and society are interrelated and interacted, not unilateral. Even from the decline of religion, the social: social need to recognize the role of science and culture, and religion.Role of knowledge aside, but society is still in the emotional is required in the field of religion. Otherwise, religion is not decline, will not remain. Religion is the product of thinking, one of the dynamic evolution of human thinking as well as the development of religion. Development of human thinking is along from perceptual to rational, from the concrete to the abstract, from the simple to the depth direction, with this development, the phenomenon of human culture also has the corresponding change. The evolution of religion is that of. At first, based on the original image thinking, human beings created intuitive particularly strong religious forms, for example, witchcraft, nature worship, totem worship. With the emergence and development of logical thinking, rational ability greatly improved the religious people, have started from the intuitive aptitude fuzzy speculative logic transformation, thus forming a huge system of theology of religion and philosophy of religion. Culture, especially the culture, in the final analysis, is a manifestation of thinking, not thinking ability and change any spiritual culture will not change. Religion is no external. So far, in some primitive tribes in the world, because of the social environment and thinking ability is low, the religion is still in the primitive religious level, this is an example.
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"Cultural history" from the big perspective, from the material world, human, awareness of the relationship between and the development of culture, the culture evolution process show.
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