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There are things that can be seen, can be felt, people will call to "name". The name is based on a particular object, through special symbols to represent the particular will of people. It not only carries the information of the object, but also contains the object value. A beautiful name, as a poem, will be filled with a kind of poetic around a person's, rendering a beautiful atmosphere, it is dotted with people's lives, enrich the language of a nation. For the social and economic life, has a name, only the self, is the distinction between economic subjects. Name is a sign of things, is one of the most authoritative, the most sophisticated information carrier. In the aspect of individual and social life, in addition to the representative name itself, still life and character, and this man's health and even life has a separate connection; in the economic field, the name of the enterprise also plays an important role, not only expressed the enterprise culture, more transfer the product and company image. Is the so-called "a new name, the good reputation". Since ancient times, fame, reputation, reputation, reputation has attracted world attention. Achieve success and win recognition, well-known in the world is how many people desire; fail in official nowhere, notorious repute, is life about how many people. Today, the top priority is named by many people still life as the view, people prefer to rack one's brains, also want to take a Good luck and happiness to you! Names for the children or enterprise. There was a loud, Geely, novel, unique name, not only can inspire people's spirit, but also can help people to create a brilliant performance in business.

Surname culture origin, Chinese characteristics of Yanhuang, life in the world, with her. Scarlett: as parents, as a peer and Ji, the word line. By pass Chiaki, Zodiac named Qi Xiangrui, the name to the name folk ambition, commerce and Wang yun...... "The name derived from dreams, in the name of Yue Fei Yu Mingzhi, the name of Lin Zexu Yu Xuexian...... The traditional cultural naming custom. For Ming Tan good name, renown million for success.
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Tracing the source word surname surname culture -- review of the origin of the name of the name and meaning / 2 surname comes from where / how is the 4's / 6 name. Surnames derived's unified / 8 patrilineal family system under the surname origin / 10 "family names" and "name" custom sort / 12 / 14 ancient history select "word" habit / 16 strong "," take a number, a / 18 / 20, the characteristics of the rich meaning naming custom / 22 featured named customs / 24 name psychological hint force / 26 name influence character by environment effects / 28 traditional culture interpretation -- named theory zodiac and name relationship / 32 rat, ox, tiger, rabbit named / 34 dragon, snake named / 36 Wu Ma, not sheep, monkey, rooster, dog named / 38 / 40 "book of changes" pig named "like", "number" 4 "book of changes" gossip called / named / 44 birthday character named / 46 line five each name / 48 five lines of partial lack of remedial / 50 / 52 clever use of allusions was named the method how many folk customs -- named man named customs / 56 woman named customs / 58 folk custom / 60 to start a child pet name custom / 62 how novel name / 6 4 how to reflect the name character / 66 how to make the name reflects the good image / 68 and birth related name / 70 by birth or descent name / 72 in ranking order named / 74 word names / 76 elders wish to name / 78 simple method, attracted method named as combination method, three / 80 push new name / 82 "sky" method, interpretation method named / 84 renamed method to know how much -- renamed the principles and techniques of renaming reason to know how much / 88 renamed considerations and principles / 90 expressing method, longing for the law renamed / 92 willingness, individuality was renamed / 94 poems changed its name, give name / 96 or words, transliteration name / 98 some names should not be taken -- named words taboo named ideas avoid reckless, ideological and avoid stale / 102 taboo "boast" or "self deprecating" / 104 avoid blindly foreign, blindly follow the trend / 106 avoid shallow, avoid using too straightforward / 108 taboo words, avoid using too numerous words / 110 with polyphone, Jiyong "assorted cold dishes" word / 112 Jiyong "ugly" word, Jiyong "bad" word / 114 word taboo celebrity, bogey "making cheap" / 116 avoid portfolio confusion, improper collocation / 118 avoid indecent homophonic, awkward Obscure / 120 avoid physical defects. Avoid depression negative word / 122 no rules, not Cheng Fangyuan -- business name Chinese characters to learn the name of principle principle / 126 Chinese aesthetics named principle / 128 what kind of name is good / 130 Yin Yang and the five elements named principle / 132 ancient number naming principle / 134CI / 136 enterprise, product name principle named principle / 138 ancient grammar, the special word method name / 140 auspicious, auspicious combination method name name / 142 words, saying, homophonic name Ya / 144 implicit method, that method name / 146 mark method, alias method, method name brand / 148 enterprises named learning -- enterprise name proposition be worthy of the name, and 152 easy to read, easy to remember / 154 superior refined, flexible / 156 meaning of harmonious, match / 158...... All products have good name -- brand naming skills
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Illustration: the official's. An official Jin Jue is worthy of glory, so future generations will be the official name it's. The's history, handsome, army, Stuart, Sima, Wang, male, master, Hou etc.. The technology's. Some engage in a special technical family, simply to their occupation as's, like fortune to "bu"'s, the butcher sheep with "Tu"'s, making the bottles to "Zhen"'s, singing to "excellent"'s (in ancient times known opera artists a musician, actor) etc.. In Germany's. Less bases are great reputation in the Confucius, who called him "the star lu". His descendants so "celebrity"'s. Jin Zhao failure to follow the prince Chonger wander for nineteen years, and finally led to his return to ascend the throne, the Duke Wen of jin. Zhao Shuai not only to childe Chonger, but in general like the winter sun warm, and his descendants to "winter" is the. In Han Dynasty, the king of Huainan, youth crime, be branding the face (face cizi), his descendants not taboo in this point, with "tattoo"'s. In life's way of,In the country, in his words ", in his officer, four's on the town, is the most important. According to the "Zuo Zhuan" records "emperor Jiande, for students to give name, sacrificial soil life's. The word IK, due to that family. The official world power, is the official family; Yi as well as the." As a result of the patriarchal system, until the late spring and Autumn period, the difference between first name and surname is very strict. In the Warring States period, social unrest, "falling of ceremony", royal power and prestige of the decline, a federal country, hereditary patriarchal system will be difficult to continue. "A gentleman Ze, V and cut", the sons of princes and nobles, many have been reduced to civilians. Accordingly, to the country, the city's as "sign, don't all significant family", also will lose its significance. In 221 BC, Emperor Qinshihuang United China, prefectures and counties, class geopolitics has replaced clan consanguinity politics, first name and surname substantive difference to death. Sima Qian in the "historical records" said Confucius "surname Kong", "Liu's Han Dynasty", visible, to the Western Han Dynasty, namely, that's name has become a common idea's family name, surname,'s long, unity.
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"Big China five thousand years of history: Chinese named culture (graphic color):" smart and vivid characters, rich abstruse implication. Beautiful and harmonious rhythm. Synthesis and elegant name, or pray for the auspicious Ankang. Or look achieve success and win recognition. Social value orientation background reflect people's wishes and of a certain age.
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