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Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Gansu people's Publishing House   Author:Zhang Chongchen   Pages:387   Words:305000  

China ancient culture is long, also shine with great splendor. It is our great national history, also is the foundation of modern culture. Chinese ancient cultural history is a subject to study the laws and characteristics of evolution and development, produce, China ancient culture. At present, the academic circles for the meaning of "culture" there are many different understanding. But Chinese mentioned in ancient literature culture refers to "civil education". The so-called "civil education", in today's terms, including the ideology and the decrees and regulations system, political and social organization, ethics, customs, language, ideology, religion, literature and art. We study China ancient cultural history, it is the meaning of the. Obviously, China ancient history of culture and history, Chinese China thought history, Chinese literature have a certain connection, but not the same. In this sense it can be said, Chinese ancient cultural history can still join a variety of disciplines, and to form a knowledge network, so as to enhance a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of subjects China ancient society. China ancient culture is rich and colorful, so that any work in this area are very difficult to reflect the whole. Because of the limited space, but also to facilitate teaching, this book can only select the most fundamental aspects of some China ancient culture were introduced and discussed. The book is divided into thirteen chapters, except the first chapter, the origin and characteristics of the ancient culture of China macroscopically, the remaining twelve chapters according to the different cultural fields to be introduced. In the process of discussion, also try to it, no branches do not spread, allowing the reader to the China ancient: melt have a comprehensive yet concise specific knowledge. The specific contents involved in the book, calendar, astronomical geography and administrative divisions, official, the imperial examination, name call, marriage, the patriarchal, diet, clothing and science and religion. In order to make the reader can have a longitudinal impression, on the introduction of the above, basically is carried out in accordance with the order of historical development. For some academic controversial issues, in addition to choose and follow what is good, quite many authors of a small opinion that might be suggestive. As for the improper, is forced to ask experts and readers.
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Zhang Chongchen, 1943 was born in November in Shandong, Zhucheng. In 1967 graduated from the East China Normal University Department of Chinese after, under the famous Ancient Chinese Literature Search Master Mr. Jiang Liangfu: Professor of the College of Lanzhou University, professor and chairman of the Gansu culture and History Museum and many domestic university. Enjoy special government allowance granted by the state council.
published academic works of "Chu culture", "Jian Mingzhong
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First edition preface chapter China ancient cultural origin and characteristics of the first section multivariate unified Chinese ancient culture festival second Chinese ancient cultural characteristics of the second chapter China ancient astronomy section China ancient astronomy of ancient astronomy section second Chinese basic knowledge third Chinese ancient universe theory. The third chapter Chinese ancient calendar the first day, month, year second day lunar calendar, the Gregorian calendar, lunisolar calendar section third and section fourth of four solar term Chinese ancient Century Law - Chapter fourth Chinese ancient geography and administrative section China ancient geography of section second Chinese ancient administrative divisions of the fifth chapter Chinese ancient transportation section ancient traffic development overview section second ancient the paths of the third day the ancient land transportation section fourth ancient boat fifth ancient canal section sixth ancient bridge changes the sixth chapter China ancient official system of the first section central government section second the bureaucratic system the seventh chapter China ancient imperial examination system the first day Zhou Dai Xiang Ju choose and Warring States raising second Han Dynasty The police and some third day of Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties Jiupin Zhongzheng system fourth section of Sui and Tang Dynasties imperial civil service examination system to establish section fifth yuan of the imperial examination system in Ming and Qing Dynasty imperial examination system development in section sixth of chapter eighth of the peak's name and address the first section name second name third section of the ninth chapter China ancient marriage system first marriage the concept and meaning of section second Chinese ancient marriage system overview section third concubine system fourth section of the tenth chapter China betrothal ancient patriarchal clan system the first day China patriarchal system of end of the second day China patriarchal system established in section third Chinese patriarchal system and the main contents of the fourth sections China patriarchal clan system evolution of the first section of chapter eleventh diet grain...... The twelfth chapter, the thirteenth chapter Chinese clothing ancient classics fourteenth chapter Chinese ancient literature and the fifteenth chapter China ancient calligraphy art in sixteenth chapter China ancient art of painting the seventeenth chapter Chinese ancient religious revised edition postscript
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