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Date of publication:2006-9   Press: Hunan literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Li Xiangmin   Pages´╝Ü387  

Li Xiangmin, graduated from the Department of economics of Fudan University, Ph. D. in economics. Successive Jiangsu Provincial Academy of social sciences research assistant, "jianghaiacademic journal" editorial, the people's Government of Jiangsu Province Office of the Secretary of the five deputy director, Ministry of agriculture, bureau of economic research USA visiting scholars and economic restructuring in Jiangsu Province, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, deputy director of national cultural industry research center director Professor, Dean, Nanjing Arts Institute College of cultural industries, Dr. tutor, chairman, Jiangsu province culture industry group secretary of the Party committee, Jiangsu province culture promotion association.
professor Li Xiangmin for the first time in China, and gives the "spirit of economics theory", by Tsien Hsueshen, Jiang Xuemo and other scholars spoke highly of, is the founder of the art spirit of economics and economic history in China, one of the earliest scholar of cultural industry. His works include "Chinese culture industry", "the spirit of economic history", "dream", "feel the beginning Chinese art", "economic history culture industry: changes in the culture", "culture industry management", about a hundred of papers, chaired the national key project "Arts economic history Chinese Art". Research results has won the "Jiangsu Province philosophy social science excellent achievement" award two or three, and won the first "Jiangsu Province outstanding researchers in philosophy and Social Sciences", "China culture industry the ten outstanding figures" and the honorary title, enjoy the special allowance of the state council.
professor Li Xiangmin not only in the cultural industry theory research and practice achievements, achievements in the cultural industry strikings. The Jiangsu province culture industry group is the first by the provincial government investment, construction and operation of large state-owned cultural industry group according to the modern enterprise system. Since the founding of the group, outstanding performance, with a new mode of national attention, by the Ministry of Culture named "national culture industry demonstration base".
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The first chapter preface in prehistoric times the Xia and Shang Dynasties chapter second chapter third chapter fourth chapter fifth spring and autumn and the Warring States Qin Han Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties of Sui Tang and Five Dynasties sixth chapter seventh chapter eighth chapter in Song Liao Jin Xia Yuan Ming Qing ninth chapter tenth chapter eleventh chapter's founding in twelfth chapter since postscript @## @ Entered in twenty-first Century, the economic and cultural development Chinese entered a new period of integration, and steadily push forward the adjustment of industrial structure, the cultural industry is an important pillar industry Chinese economy has attracted great attention of government departments and the whole society. "Chinese culture industry history" is a research monograph history of the development of cultural industry in china.
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