China cultural history through release

Date of publication:2011-5   Press: Life, reading, New York   Author:Yu Yingshi   Pages:341  

"Chinese cultural history through release" aggregation of 12 papers, is all about Chinese cultural history theory, each focused on a special surface. Ideological, political, commercial, religious, folk culture, literature, medicine, science, arts, imperial examination, man, all in one, involving a wide range. And each paper is to propose a long range a plane to the China cultural history from a macroscopic point of view through interpretation. Only in this way, we can also see Chinese culture often change and change in the.
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Yu, born in 1930, Anhui Qianshan people. Hongkong New Asia College the first graduates, America PhD in history from Harvard University. Former Harvard University professor of history at Yale University Chinese history, Professor of Cornell University, first Hu Shi, a visiting professor at Princeton University, professor. 1973 - 19759 at the Hongkong New Asia College President and vice president of Chinese University Hong Kong. In 2006 America Library of Congress award awarded the lifetime achievement award in the humanities and Social Sciences Krueger (KlugePrize rewardS lifetime achievement). In English several dozens works.
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The four similarities and differences between the 2 from the political ecology in Song Ming two science breakthrough order 1 review China history of thoughts in Confucian ethics and 3 Chinese businessman spirit 4 Chinese religion into the world to the 5 novels in the Ming and Qing Dynasties folk culture of Liu Cunren "and" 6 wind hall new collection order "order": a characteristic China writing culture of 7 ancient thought of medical concept "life history" Li Jianmin in 8 around the "Joseph Needham problem" Reflections on Chen Fangzheng "inheritance and rebellion" order 9 from the "traveling in the arts" to "heart" and a "Zhang Chong poem calligraphy and painting" 10 on the order selection, function and significance in heave Chinese history of the 11 man and 12 China culture on the history of cultural representations of postscript
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