China ancient myths and legends

Date of publication:1996-12   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Latent mints   Pages´╝Ü211  

This book seeks to order carding produces development according to myth, the first general the myth type front, sequence. There are a few exceptions, such as cultural hero god, society from hunting and fishing, farming community until the late primitive society, slave society, along with the cultural progress, has not stopped producing. The creation of the word God may not appear in the non literate societies. Text generation, this is human after Jieshengjishi, the generation of language, characterization of long-term practice of pictographic symbols such as the nature, not a person. The text has been created, to promote human civilization has irreplaceable function.
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A China, myths and legends of the connotation of l about the myths and legends of ancient texts data in 2 myths and legends 3 minority mythology and legend two, human nature 1 animal gods and Animal Totem 2 plants and 3 plants totem God comprehensive totem God three, the origin of mankind 1 by the goddess to God and ancestor Worship 2 God made man 3 human regeneration of 4 monkeys and four, humanized nature 1 cosmic god 2, the Shenzhou world opened up to natural attack 1 shot the god 2 flood hero six, 1 fishing and hunting culture hero god of fire and fire 2 3 agricultural, medicine God 4 other cultural hero seven, hero worship, 1 Huang Di 2 "three generation" hero legend 3 other national hero god eight, from St into the van l Legends 2 legends 3 Legends of landscape 4 things origin legend 5 love marriage legends, fairy tales of nine early 1 immortal legend originated in the early myth of the maternal fetal 2 Wonderland two series of 3 historical figures and the immortal legend ten, the last word
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