Celebrating the cultural heritage protection

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Shall be ordered to make corrections, and to be forgetful of one's duties, remove construction camp cultural relics, causing serious damage to the body of the cultural relics, the situation is particularly serious, he made six tips, in strict accordance with the military discipline regulations for processing. In the preparation of the text of the day, Xie Lao, Luo Lao often encourage me not to be afraid of failure, failure is not mediocrity. On the contrary, the mediocre people always maintained a victory, because his goal is not life, but an escape from life. I remember in my most difficult days, my mentor Mr. Luo Zhewen give me courage in the letter, do not stop the pace of exploration, and to recommend Li Xiaodong, Peng Changxin and legal experts have my back. After countless scrutiny, modification, revision, it laid the foundation for the text solid, forming a rich resource system, cultural heritage and regulations system and working mechanism system. The final success of text, every word embodies the predecessors and experts of the wisdom and the spirit of selfless dedication. After more than a year of efforts, the new "procedures" molding. September 13, 2007 is a special day of remembrance. This day, the Nanjing military command, to the army, garrison in Shanghai, provincial military region, military colleges, military command, political department, logistics department, equipment department, issued a formal re written "Nanjing military camp in the protection of cultural relics management Interim Measures", and instruct the relevant unit of organization learning seriously, strictly in accordance with the execution. In November 21, 2007, "China cultural relics" headlines "first army barracks in the protection of cultural relics management Interim Measures for implementation of the Nanjing military region (Nanjing military camp on the protection of cultural relics management Interim Measures") the title, introduced the important meaning of the text. Mr. Wang Xiao to "the people's army Protect the Cultural Relics tradition in developing" commented. Remember China relics Newspaper Editor Assistant Li Rang call me understand text written, I let him go directly to Mr. Xie Chensheng. Because I know in my heart, I'm just the text of the author, all the connotation and essence of the text, only Xie Lao the most qualified, the most complete comprehensive explanation. Can say so: "Nanjing military camp in the protection of cultural relics management procedures" promulgated, implementation, opened the new situation of our cultural heritage protection! By January 6, 2008, Zheng Xiaoxie, Hou Renzhi, Wu Liangyong, Luo Zhewen, Zhang Zhongpei, Fu Xinian, Su Bai, Xu Pingfang, Huang Jinglve, Jin Chongji, Chang Shana, Xie 辰生 altogether twelve people sent Hu Jintao president, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to the letter, spoke highly of the Nanjing Military Area Command of the initiative, think this is the regulatory documents since the founding of new Chinese first by the units issued by the relevant cultural relics protection management comprehensively. This measure reflects the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, and military to comprehensively implement the specific performance Scientific Outlook on Development. The experts also suggest, on this basis, the scope of military management area, ground, underground, underwater cultural relics, issued a unified management of army "China people's Liberation Army camp Cultural Relics Protection Ordinance", to save the military administrative zones and all the cultural relics management work in earnest. At the same time, the letter of Mr. Xie Chensheng attached a letter to Jin Tao, comrade Jiabao. This thing he wouldn't let me tell anyone. But I think it should be responsible for the history, I have the responsibility to tell the truth to people of this period of history!
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The first prize first military cultural relics protection regulations promulgated after the heart bright -- to celebrate the new China 60 years birthday speech Lu Xun cultural relics is how preserved I protect Tang "waterfalls" Guqin Shenyang witnessed the the Imperial Palace "申遗" there are two prize and compound wind and rain in the disaster areas for earthquake relics in present day folk cultural heritage protection "breeding" -- "China memory net" chief executive Zhang Jinqi tracing the Koguryo City forty years of Zhu ran cemetery I homes Shehuang old man for "elite" of the "unexpected" Gan Kushi cultural relics road -- a grass-roots cultural workers experience bumpy course before repair Yueyang Tower and the city wall of Linfen Conservation Award three the stubborn Shou "egg" man open eyes closed I accompany "guard treasure farmers" in Beijing to accept the award for whom the Luli midnight a the Great Wall resource investigation team work for the world to hear the sound of a log that forest song I and Tang Daming Palace site heart slowly flows a river with a love of my father-in-law "love" to that day, I'm going to Lang de approached the Great Wall Pingyao County protector -- miss Shanxi cultural relics bureau deputy bureau County of Pingyao Province Long Li Youhua "roots" since the Ruijin revolutionary ruins protection and use of the review and Prospect of the never ending story -- on the protection of cultural heritage on the Tianfu mountain guardian Chengbeixi cultural discovery, protection and rescue excavation of cultural relics is my treasure archaeological complex was young I and the protection of cultural heritage of outstanding award of the first village "Jiangxi Keng Cun, Le'an County flow" Shanghai modern architecture protection and repair work of Jiangxi Gao'an Tomb of Zhu Shi research essays discover personally and rescue the important Railway Heritage -- "0" steam locomotive whole process I and Qingchengshan -- Dujiangyan indissoluble bound Old Summer Palace Changchun Garden containing the church ruins protection review detours between heaven and earth there is great beauty and cultural heritage in the side into the memories I experienced the Yingxian Wood Tower protection process is difficult to compensate owe my father and Gakima Fumihiro cause a Hui old pursuit and dedication of merit cannot obliterate the spirit later -- miss Song Zhenting minister and Mr. Zhang Boju Gu Cun Xi Cang the edge node museum this lifetime love -- the turn of the century, Nantong Museum yuan protection construction memory and feeling four thousand years the work of cultural relics which six years in Dongtou County Spectral investigation, collection and protection and restoration of ancient books of my fate sixteen years focused on preserving cultural relics septuagenarian have one's wish -- the Zhejiang province Wuyi County Wenbao amateur Xu Qingui "Wenbao" love thirty years ancient temple freshmen -- Zhejiang Jiangshan City, Wang Yang ancestral temple and the protection and utilization and the protection of cultural heritage protection and behavior culture heritage "drum" and "call" to search for the missing city protection unit of Tongji canal site in Anhui section after -- and join the third national survey of cultural relics of young colleagues exchanges "son of" version reunion remember persistent heritage survey team leader comrade He Caishan -- remember two or three things 双马石 a fortification discovery and protection of "three" in "the old Du" Houde sensitivity for concomitant win-win -- unforgettable ancient calligraphy and painting appraisal two or three essays through cultural relics -- crazy Weng distant review faithful Guardian -- the protection of Li Jinfu to miss a fair man -- my father clock 轶与 cultural heritage protection bamboo lane "to defend the war" eight hundred miles of wind and snow Zhengzhou guxing the iron smelting sites found, excavation and protection of stone immortal heritage sustainable -- Jiaozuo "ancient stone art garden" record Remember the tomb built in "bodyguard" -- Jingmen City Ji Shan cultural relics management patrol witnessed "Liu Shaoji sat the aircraft for" hard road eternal remembrance -- Wang Guangmei relics collection of life is a major event to -- I and the cultural heritage protection self-taught out performance heritage make new contributions Chinese -- the people's Anti Japanese War project, director Wu Jianhong two or three in the Bunu Yao Xiang Tun ecological culture of nine day and night I "left" road to protect the cultural heritage for cultural relics of this piece of love -- the former Zhu De administration bureau deputy director Lin Pinqiang an unforgettable experience "real collection of industrial heritage China Miao dress library" collection of lung cultural Guardian -- Jiang Huayuan Chinese historical missing text rescue activities in Tengchong Road remains utilization in fillip for thirty years -- the small wild goose pagoda tell about Caijiapo found the Northern Wei grottoes of Buddhist relics are several blogs countries -- Shehuang old man and relics of the Tang Dynasty Hanyang Ling Zhongnanshan mark under the -- in my mind Luo Zhewen I in the field of cultural relics collection work feeling Yongqin grave evil designs. The long cherished wish legislative aspirations through hardships Hu Guo Bao The first farmers -- the museum founder Zhao Shengxiang, my forty years of cultural relics guards loyal career Jialing River -- Lueyang County Lingyan Temple Museum curator Zhai Wenyong advanced deeds for Mission Hills college innovation to forge ahead -- Comrade Zhang Xiaobing advanced deeds and grinding nozzles tombs -- the protection of cultural relics census day Wang Zhenren fight or "horse" into @##@ ethnic Decor To celebrate the new China 60 year birthday, further demonstrates the great achievements of China cultural relics in 60 years and extensive influence, and further enhance the great banner of socialism Chinese national cultural system of cadres and workers hold, develop the cultural relics better future confidence, further promote the cause of cultural relics, a new starting point in glory the State Administration of cultural heritage, to undertake, sponsored by the Chinese relics newspaper: "I and the cultural heritage protection" theme of the campaign. "China cultural heritage report" published in April 10th notice the campaign started, released July 31st essay selection results, the activities of the personnel system, the national cultural relics from the great attention and support retirees and people from all sectors of society concerned about the protection of cultural heritage. Hundreds of articles full of sincere feelings, write about in the protection of cultural heritage experience, work experience, side story Essay manuscript, went to the campaign office. The campaign office to invite relevant experts, according to the campaign's request, to all the essay was careful selection, the final, "the first army issued" Regulations for the protection of cultural relics and other 5 essay won the first prize, "and" compound 10 essay won the two prize, "stubborn" eggs "," people keep 20 essay won the three prize, "the first village" Jiangxi Keng Cun, Le'an county "flow" and other 70 essay won the excellent award. The winning essay collection of works into the "celebrate the new China 60 year birthday" I and the cultural heritage protection "theme essay anthology". "I and the cultural heritage protection" theme campaign, from beginning toThe final is strongly supported by the State Cultural Relics Bureau, bureau and the leadership of the departments responsible comrades put forward many valuable suggestions. China relics newspaper leadership attaches great importance to the campaign, the essay activities smoothly. Blog people.com.cn powers also joined in, with the campaign, expanding the participation essay activities.
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