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Date of publication:2009-1   Press: Fix the iron Heilongjiang science and Technology Press (2009-01)   Author:The repair of iron   Pages´╝Ü302  

"2000 culture" people I do not know is enriched cultural knowledge the essence of the reserve book. "People don't know the 2000 culture" to a wealth of knowledge and history, splendid history tells the story of all kinds of things, set of knowledge, interest, science as a whole, including the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign small knowledge, geographical names, places of interest, including astronomy, calendar,; season; Festival, etiquette, solar term; customs, ethnic; medicine; biology; traffic; post; political, military; economic and trade; famous brand; entertainment; science, technology; literature; news, publication, education, science, literature and language; thought; historical, archaeological; film and television drama, music and dance, arts and crafts; rank, title of idioms,; they and other aspects.
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One, two, three, sports literature. Four, customs and festivals, religion, mythology, five of six sites, monuments, seven, eight, the history of Art (painting, calligraphy, sculpture art (nine), music, dance, science and technology @##@) ten If someone asks you, "the battlefield" is how the division? The nine planets which is the nine planet? The world's first stamp was born in what country? The world trade organization specifically what to do? Mother's Day is how come?...... These problems can you answer it? These are some common sense questions, says big, say small, but very few people. To pay attention to, because this knowledge is fragmented, usually it is difficult to search to the. But regardless of their size, interesting is always behind the history and story, "rich 2000 culture" people can not know some readers might be interested in, more than 2000 common interest edited the book, seeking the root of origin, Jina Chinese splendid culture, on this ancient, ancient and modern knowledge. The smell at all times and in all countries, allows you to easily read everything, widen the field of vision. Is a reserve of knowledge dictionary, but also the life of leisure books.
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