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Date of publication:2006-11   Press: Version first (November 1, 2006)   Author:Zhang Bingjue   Pages´╝Ü159  

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"Korean wave" strategy for the "Korean wave" Korean "clubbing" hot dance work tips! Looking for a job? Korean cuisine beauty fashion and culture psychology into the @##@ family "Chinese wind" in the "Korean wave". Show similar to Chinese traditional culture and unique folk customs, folk custom, national integrity and other South Korean people's social life, give people a lot of emotion and shock. In the "Korean wave" raging at the same time, take-off Chinese also make Korea up "Chinese wind", to Chinese tourism, investment, foreign and Chinese enthusiasm. Pictures in the book records the South Korean people's real life, prose shows people the true feelings and thoughts. The book consists of 11 chapters, selected nearly five hundred pictures, prose down to thirty thousand words, "Korean wave" from Raiders, looking for the "Korean wave", "Korean tips"...... Until the "Chinese wind" in the "Korean wave". The author can't stop looking at the "Korean wave", said the painting "Hallyu", until the tip "Hallyu" behind the historical and cultural exchange between China and Korea, the interpretation of the "Chinese wind" in the "Korean wave", "Korean wave" form that is popular, fashion, is the commercial elements, is the essence of Chinese classical culture, to feel to realize some truths. In the modern market economy is so developed in Korea, Confucianism traditional culture inheritance, carry forward is so good, it is worth us thinking deeply.
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We are the "Korean wave", after the Han, Korean, view with Korean jewelry, goods Korean food, whether there is a culture of thinking, philosophy? If feel more positive historical and cultural value and level? The author came to the generation of adjacent Korea, using the camera to record a moment of truth, help us accurate interpretation of Korean people's life. Among them, there are literary prose.
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  •   Like to watch Korean dramas, want to know more about the history and present situation of Korea, the picture is not many, can only be said to understand, also not travel books, basically introduces the social situation in Korea, when the right to have a look.

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