When we walk in a foreign country

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The copyright page: illustration: two, skeleton line: to undertake 1 inherit the traditional classical ballet as western art since the birth of historical development so far, has been rooted in the traditional western history rich soil. European dance variety, colorful, they provide abundant nutrients for the ballet development, some traditional history directly determines the form and content of the ballet. In the British folk music dance club history life dance community, many older dancers and teachers are engaged in collecting and editing, translation and teaching of traditional European history work. Many recorded dance books are Italian, French, English, were recorded from fifteenth Century to nineteenth Century the court and country history of dance, including dance in Italy during the Renaissance, Baroque French court dance, nineteenth Century Ding Sheng dance dance and British native Maurice dance, Scotland dance. From the content can be divided into dance, dance, dance and music history book. The most special is the Baroque dance dance dance, which consists of a number of small fork lines to describe the different steps, in a short segment can be marked right foot left foot, heel to toe, knee squat or half tiptoe stand up, turn around or jumping. When connect these segments, almost like a dress exquisite lace like dazzling. The layman can only take it as a particular pattern to appreciate, insiders can according to its jump a dance. Dance, is teaching people how to perform these traditional dance books. These books with plenty of detailed and accurate words one by one to describe dance practice, dance sequence and formation change, many dance is the teachers at this kind of dance Book Complex discharged and preserved. Dance history, is different from the former two, it is more like taking history as the theme of the story, to convey the cultural information. For example, in Italy during the Renaissance palace, ladies wear heavy dress to the ball, then dance only at the foot of the steps detailed specification, the action on the hand almost no limit, arm as long as naturally with the dance swaying. But with the partner handshake is defined, when can a single hand, when only with the index finger and middle finger and partner together, and when the dance ended, your wife back to his seat, then turned around and sat down, can not be lifted by hands skirt, it would be considered a very "indecent", so "elegant" way is when walking to the front seat, draw a circle with the crotch crotch, borrow the swing, the dress with a chair to the direction, then turned around and sat down. These interesting traditions can be found in dance history. The last category is the history of traditional dance music, thanks to the great contribution to staff. Because the score of recorded music, no doubt than any recorded dance notation is more precise. If we can save the traditional European history in more or less have joined the human imagination and integration factors, then the music can be said it is close to maximum recovery, this is how precious wealth. The process of learning the dance is like experiencing a traditional dance development through Europe time travel. Combined with the ballet professional, can more clearly know "ballet is a ballet where they come from." "". Renaissance Italy dance the ballet toe high gas Aung, look haughty temperament; French Baroque dance the ballet many dance and dance dance dance; nineteenth Century greatly developed the ballet dance change and formation seriesRow; provides rich elements and content of rural dance and ballet creation. It is the respect and protection of traditional dance, which makes the ballet art in Western art of the classic enduring.
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perception -- a reflection on a trip to the United States @##@ dance creation This "when we walk in a foreign country and Western dance culture -- Dialogue" Proceedings of the first international students recorded the perception of value is that it is China's first dance art major students were sent to the teachers and students of the ideological achievements in its true, true, true understanding and so on. Our life may seem like a strange road, always will face new opportunities and challenges, dare to experience different life, accumulate experience, not only rely on the self exploration, good at communication, good at taking his long, good out of familiar life. Do a thought pioneer, only to give different luster. We need to establish a life-long career, he is not the fame and fortune, with an open mind to accept all of the past, future oriented. May this book of essays not only of the teachers and students to study the wonderful, historical memory, more important is to leave a dance for China business motivational responsibility and message......
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Let "when we walk in a foreign country and Western dance culture dialogue" not only the teachers and students to study the wonderful, historical memory, more important is to leave a dance for China business motivational responsibility and message.
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