Trust, reciprocity, symbiosis

Date of publication:2010-6   Press: Communication University of China press   Author:Shi Jixin, Qu Jian Ying.   Pages´╝Ü254  

Book focusing on the International Symposium on "history and development status of" East Asia exchange based editing and. The Japan International Seminar sponsored by the Japan International University Niigata, Niigata Prefecture and Niigata City Hall as co organizer, in 2008 July 12-13 in Niigata central Niigata University of international and information held. Our friendly and cooperative units from the Institute of history of Beijing Normal University invited 10 scholars, there are about 130 participants attended the Niigata Prefecture and other areas, and there were abundant in content of lectures and discussions. This International Symposium, is the history of College of Beijing Normal University and Niigata University of international and information studies, after taking over the past 8 years based on international education exchange a new attempt. As early as in 1999 December, Ishikawa Masumi famous reporter cultural intelligence Niigata University of international and information science minister, Japan Mr. (deceased) leading staff visited Beijing Normal University Department of history, in the interview, Mr. Ishikawa on the topic "Retrospect and prospect" East Asia relations made a speech, and put forward to promote Sino Japanese the youth of the two countries mutual exchanges for the purpose of sending conception. This idea has been Beijing Normal University resonance. In 2000 April, both parties concluded a friendly exchange agreement, in September the same year, International University of Japan began sending short-term to the History Department of Beijing Normal University students, 2001, this system was fixed.
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In speech before the special topic lecture first mid nineteenth Century East Asia exchange (host Qu Jianying) second topics in modern western colonialism and the impact of relationship between East Asian countries change (host Ikeda Yoshiro) third special cold war and after the cold war of East Asia exchange (host Sasaki Hiroshi) general discussion (host Ochi Toshio, Qu Jian translation @##@) This book is a center with the historical changes and development of East Asia exchange, respectively, from the "nineteenth Century before the middle of East Asia exchange", "modern western colonialism and the impact of the relationship between the changes of East Asian countries", "the cold war and the post Cold War of East Asia exchange" three topics, history, political science, convergence economics, international relations and other professional Japanese scholars in the interdisciplinary discussion results.
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