The track of cultural communication

Date of publication:1997-3   Press: Economic Daily Press   Author:Ji Xianlin   Pages:547   Words:380000  

The author of this book from the sugar that everyone use and not worth mentioning things development, reveals the history of Sino foreign cultural exchanges, a very specific, vivid to the world. Author of several years, read from the Zhou and Qin Dynasties since the multitude of Chinese and foreign books, from the "sugar" words to the evolution of the development of sugarcane, sugar industry, cited a lot of examples, to illustrate: cultural exchange and the technology development, the human must learn from each other, take long repair short, can continue to progress, this is one of the main driving force for social progress.
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Ji Xianlin: born in 1911, Shandong Linqing person. Tsinghua University in 1934 graduated from the Department of Western literature, studying at the University of Gottingen in Germany in 1935, 1941 by the degree of doctor of philosophy. In 1946 he was appointed professor of the Peking University and director of the Oriental Language and literature department. Former vice president, director of the Institute of South Asian Studies at Peking University. The China Academy of philosophy social science academician Committee, member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the state council,
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"Integration of eastern culture" editorial committee of "integration of eastern culture" total order "track of cultural exchange history of Chinese cane sugar" preface preface chapter second chapter to Yi Zhou Qin Han Wei Jin Nanbei Dynasty period of maltose and cane sugar cane pulp manufacturing and third chapter, fourth chapter of sucrose in honey Chinese began when the fifth chapter of Tang Dynasty the cultivation of sugarcane and sugar operation (618-907) attached to a sugar law in Tang Dynasty a little research in Chapter sixth, the Song Dynasty of planting sugarcane and sugar manufacturing (1960-1279 Galerkin attached) Chapter seventh yuan of planting sugarcane and sugar manufacturing (1206-1368 years) the eighth chapter Ming sugarcane and sugar manufacturing (1368-1644) in Chapter ninth, sugar tenth chapter the Qing Dynasty the cultivation of sugarcane and sugar operation (1616-1911) appendix a Qing Dynasty sugar history section data index in Appendix two of the Ming Qing Dynasty Guangdong sugarcane planting and sugar
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  •   Ji Xianlin's book, it is very difficult to understand. Don't explain, do not explain. Outsiders do not know ah.
  •   The old man is very rigorous scholarship, write very popular, master, master style! In addition to the price a little expensive, the other did not have to say, is worth a look well.
  •   This book is old Mr. light data collection will last for ten years, said rifled through the Siku quanshu. Benefit.
  •   Have a fever have a look our textual research can buy season, have a look the old strict!

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