The Silk Road

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Author: Ali Mazaheri @##@ (method) Digest make from this first set of the yard went to the second sets of the ministers. Its wide, thirty step, the opposite is another seat is greater than the first Triumphal Arch. Then the emperor moved to one of about 4 cubits high platform. Some like Mongolia package shelf like things in the seats around, but this not by felt covered shelves, and covered with yellow satin. This beautiful utensils were painted gold and decorated with dragon and Phoenix patterns. Everyone in Mongolia package under the table you can see a block, in the lower part can be seen at the left and the right sides of the rows of two high officials and noble lords: male, Hou, "and so on, a total of ten thousand, each holding a piece of L cubits long and 1 / 4 cubits wide. Behind them, there may be about two hundred thousand, the spear soldiers wear armor and armed with no sheath knife officers, all the people stood at. These too many to count does not believe in Allah who keep silent, that allows you to use them as a statue. Suddenly, the emperor from the "Temple". Someone took a huge silver ladder comprises five steps to the platform. The emperor ascended the tower and sit in a seat -- gold throne. Daming Khan (Yong Le) is of medium height. He is neither a bearded, will never be without a beard. His beard is 200 ~ 300, long enough to be wound into the circle. In the emperor's left and right standing with two beautiful concubines. Their hair all the disk in the parietal, neck and ears completely naked, everyone wears two huge Pearl earrings. Each person has a brush, ready to record any valuable advice from the mouth of the emperor. These concubines must all speech recording the emperor. But when they returned with the emperor "harem", they put their record isZou emperor so that he published before to see if there was any corrections. In the view of government officials in mind, this is the only after a revised version of a legal action. To make a long story short, when the emperor sitting, one at the same time the envoys and criminals to him! He first began to learn of the violation of the universal law of prisoner interrogation record. There are a total of more than 700 prisoners, some neck cangue, others neck and hands with chains. Some people completely tied to the board. And even with five or six prisoners were tied and fixed in a wooden stand, the neck is vise vise. However, every kind of torture and crime. Everyone is a criminal who grabbed the hair until the emperor feet, to let the emperor in accordance with their wishes sentenced him. The emperor of one part person sentenced to jail, the others were sentenced to be hanged. In the Chinese, also do not have even a judicial officials, both police officers, the supreme judge or have the right to sentence to death are not. When they captured a defendant, engaged in detailed investigation, obtain his confession, their role is limited to all registered in the hung on the neck of the wood (which recorded them according to legal provisions pagan and his punishment) and neck with flail and double hand chain to escort to Beijing. Then, they took the envoys to from the throne was 15 cubits. This is the "Khan" (referring to Khalifa Sha Haru) Highness Prince and envoys. A government official kneeling according to write on the board's Chinese characters and read. He briefly was played, they carry the Lord to his majesty emperor China gift to kowtow in your Majesty's throne. After he had just finished his board, judge Hadji Yuzov came. The Persian speaking, Turkic, Mongolian, Chinese and arabic. The officer in the "public", as the emperor's advisers also in important moments as translation. One of the twelve, he presided over the emperor. He led the staff to meet him, these people are also operating in Persian and Turkic languages China to Muslim linguist. These translators around the envoys, remind them first to the upper part of the body to visit, and then repeated previous volume. The envoys of the ritual act, but with great care to pay attention not to seriously to the forehead to the ground. Then, with their hands to his majesty (may Allah Khan gave his long Chao period) and Bei sun 忽儿 highness (may Allah will let him stay at home) of high above her head, and the other is the prince and all of their credentials. These instruments installed in the Yellow Satin sleeves, as China ritual as required. The magistrate adults and took a few steps forward, took the credentials from his hands, and then to stand on a throne at the foot of the eunuch. The eunuch then put these credentials is memorialized the emperor, the emperor to come over, open look for a while back to the eunuch. The emperor then from the throne, to sit in an ordinary seat. Somebody offered him three thousand pieces without cutting cloth, of which one thousand pieces are tailored shirt, two thousand blocks to do robe. He will all of this to the officials and children. Just at this time, the seven envoys to the front of him: sand, fire and Kucza, Sha Haru majesty Sultan Ahmad and attendants, Geyer speed Ding (author), Bei sun 忽儿 his servant Agger a g, Su Yu ERG special lost highness envoys fire thorn bar sand over eight, and a black business sand angel Tower of ding. We asked them to bow down, all the ritual. The emperor asked Shaharu end his majesty (may Allah gave him a longer term) body, ask western states grains are cheap, there are a large number of livestock. They said there's food price is very low, the meat is very rich. He said: "yes, when the king of Tianxin sincerity, God will make life rich." Yongle and also understand Persian envoys of sand. He said: "why Poschaha Yuzov (1406 one 1420) not to I sent to Gong Party?" (Ha Yuzov is eight a black business King's name. -- translator) they replied: "Your Majesty, they had to send a mission, your secretary did not submit to you playing? They are not from the border to show you played a tribute to carry the Persian emissaries?" he asked again: "I remember to inquire into the Persian sand carrying gift sent envoys, because I loved the ma. In the world most Chun horses." He then asked the pathway, asked: "at this point the road safety?" "the road is absolutely safe and reliable, your majesty. As long as Shaharu is end sincerely hope so." He interrupted to say people: "I have no doubt. Since you due to travel and very tired, get up and go to a meal, is now ready for you meal." The ministers stood up, some people take them to their position. There is a high table in front of everyone, laden with food. Later when they follow what has been described in the ritual meal, who led them to their allocated to their post. King Uprupa Tyregan (may Allah bless his longtime aide Prince) is end -- sand and loss, Mie's stay in the area near the Inn in. In the inn, everybody has a good bed, covered with satin, silk cushion and mattress with similar silk refining slippers (still don't forget and rope soled canvas shoes to wear as the city), a bed curtain, many seats, a fire, a fire. In addition to the other ten bed section, the bed also Pu mattresses and velvet cushion. On the flat floor with ordinary carpet (i.e. stripe carpet) and those who are unable to break the fine mats (without respectively roll or the vertical roll). The food problems. Everyone has a set of Cooking: pot and the frying pan; a porcelain tableware, bowl, disc: knife, spoon. This did not include a high table for dinner. The food supply: ten per person every day can get a goose or chicken. At the same time, but also to each of them provides two Hu, a bowl of rice, two with jam (Turkic pralines) cake, a cup of honey vinegar, salt, garlic and scallions, stains, in addition to ChineseThe unique raw green vegetables. Everyone has the right to get two jars of wine and a little cold assorted cold dishes. Each and every one of them day and night, several young, devote oneself heart and soul to and provoking like servants serving, closely followed by their. P45-47
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Translator's preface to the translation of the first series of Persian history a sand Hello sent China Ji (Geyer speed Ding Commission) 1 Introduction 2 Hafiz Ab 3 Abbott 柴拉克 ordered 4 sand Hello sent China two Said Ali Akber Cidai "religious third chapter Chinese Zhi 1 Introduction 2 background and 契达伊 life 3 China Zhi preface introduction to the first chapter to the second chapter Chinese road Chinese China of city and township fourth chapter China troops and military chapter fifth chapter sixth of the Treasury Chinese Chinese emperor Nero's tyranny, he claimed to be the son of heaven, he the Scherk Shays style throne and crown seventh chapter Chinese prison, God bless you in Chapter eighth the ninth chapter Chinese Chinese New Year 12 buzhengsi tenth chapter Chinese banquet, social and ceremonial chapter eleventh chapter twelfth of prostitutes China Chinese magic art of the thirteenth chapter legislation Chinese, its statecraft genesis, chapter sixteenth and Han Chao personnel trade years empress fourteenth chapter Chinese. School and other fifteenth chapters to China to the Kalmyks (Mongolian) the seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter Chinese of silver, copper coins and China The substitute bill nineteenth chapter obey the ritual Chinese twentieth chapter China pagoda three King Nadir (SHA) in second and Qian Long in Central Asia contest 1 Introduction 2 historian Mohamed Kazim Marver according to Colonel Mozafar Ali's diary and coding of Greece - Rome historical Ptolemy "geography" two Pro Coppola "Goth" three war Teo Fanal S Kosmas Indiko Preiss, Strabo five "Christian nation local mind" six Amien Marcelin (fourth Century) the new release a description: "Alan" (Yan Cai Ren) Menand Plotkol (seven sixth Century) of rhubarb and the Silk Road annex fragrance and the Silk Road eight China road planting and silk few records third of Turks knitting the Silk Road and the Chinese material civilization in the west a Chinese millet and sorghum and the Silk Road two China camphor and the Silk Road of cinnamon and silk three Chinese four Chinese turmeric and the Silk Road and ginger silk five China six Chinese millet and rice seven China. *: Ali buffalo sea @##@ profile index The book is Mr. Ali Mazaheri's representative work, is also the author of more than 20 years of hard work results. This masterpiece in 1983 by the Paris Spargo (Babe Ruth) publishing house, immediately aroused great repercussions, soon to be the author's own wave gentle for publication. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is "the history". Author of "the three ancient wave gentle works in this series:" Sha Hello sent Chinese Ji "," Zhi "and Chinese akber of" Nadir Wang and Qian Long "the contest in central asia. The author of the three history China and Persian relations, especially the important ancient wave gentle works translated in order to silk road as a link to the cultural relations into French and made a long note. He provided in the annotation of data interpretation and its precious value, more novel ideas. He China culture (including the surrounding areas of India and Chinese Culture) through the Silk Road into Persia and can develop in Persia, and then spread to the West (especially Rome) makes a deep study of the issue, there are many view is our ancestors have not touched. Second is the "historical" Greece Rome. Author Ptolemy Plo Cobo of Persia, paragraphs, Thai 奥法纳, kosma, Marcelin and Mei Nande works made in the collection and annotation. Third for "West Silk Road and Chinese material civilization". The author mainly introduces the China millet, sorghum, camphor, cinnamon, ginger, rice, Jiang Huang, musk and rhubarb cultivation history, use and spread to the west through the process of. Everybody in the reading process will provide abundant information on books and attracted by the idea of having, at the same time will also see the author gave high evaluation Chinese culture with a long history and appreciation. A famous French Sinologist said in the book and the translator, called Mr Mazaheri "has Chinese heat scholars", this is quite reasonable.
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  •   For example China imported horses, variety degeneration, such as Chinese tea may not be in the western growth.
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