The modern history of Sino Japanese cultural exchanges

Date of publication:1999-3-1   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:Wang Xiaoqiu   Pages:562   Words:409000  
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The introduction of modern Japanese culture communication characteristics of the nineteenth Century 40 - 60 in the cultural exchange between China and Japan has a long history in the first chapter -- the modern Japanese culture communication history background the first ancient AC splendor second isolation barrier section third the impact of the Western led his second chapter Han Ji East -- early modern China books spread in Japan the first section and celebrate the Chinese ship books on sale second day open your eyes and see the world third "Haiguo" in Japan fourth friction quickly read raise sea article fifth foreign comrades heart linked to heart sixth Chinese translation of Western books from Hibiscus third chapter Edo army -- Japanese novels of the Opium War and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is described first festival opioid said the wind sending information section second new words in praise of the overseas section third of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Japan fourth earthquake and the fifth day festival legacy to a view of promoting reform before the fourth chapter ride the wind and waves -- modern cultural exchange between China and Japan in nineteenth Century 70 pioneer era 90 years Sino Japanese cultural exchange the fifth chapter Chinese envoys -- the first Chinese ambassador on the mission of cultural exchange activities in Chapter Sixth Field study -- Chinese travels to Japan and seventh chapter studies the non-governmental exchanges -- Sino Japanese men of literature and writing of the exchanges and the eighth chapter Yeongju Poetry -- on the ninth chapter of the tale poems -- interview book in Japan for Chinese ancient Yi book the tenth chapter Outside the Box -- from Japanese experience to promote the reform of the Chinese in early twentieth Century in Japan cultural exchange the eleventh chapter study in Japan -- at the beginning of the twentieth Century, China students studying in Japan and Japanese teachers twelfth chapter translation bookshelf bridge -- Modern Sino Japanese translation of books and the thirteenth chapter of justice -- the Japanese public opinion to support the fourteenth chapter China revolutionary friendship -- China revolutionaries, writers in Japan in modern day story appendix cultural exchange @##@ chronology This book is a modern Chinese modern culture history books in the history of Sino Japanese cultural exchanges. The book consists of fourteen chapters on the development process, from mid nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century on the cultural exchanges and achievements.
the book is rich in content, with pictures, full and accurate data, comprehensively and objectively reflect the overall situation of Sino Japanese modern culture, can help readers to understand more fully the relationship between the modern Chinese and Japanese culture.
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