The maritime Silk Road and the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries

Date of publication:1996   Press: Peking University press   Author:Chen Yan   Pages:481   Words:392000  

This book from the author published at home and abroad related to maritime Silk Road and Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges in the eighteen essay of about two hundred and fifty thousand words. Most of these papers is the latest research results of the authors in recent years, or to participate in international conferences and lectures abroad academic reports. The origin of the Silk Road on the sea and development in different periods of history, summed up not only is it spread outward silk, porcelain and other commodities "economic trade routes," people all over the spread of friendship "Friendship Road", the people of all ethnic groups culture dissemination shine with great splendor "cultural exchange" road, dissemination of science and Technology China's four great inventions ", the benefit of mankind road", but also the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, promoting the route one must take off the opening to the outside world and economy in China "".
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Chen Yan, male, born in December 1916, Zhejiang province. Professor
Peking University Department of Oriental, Ningbo University Professor, doctoral supervisor of East China Jiaotong University, Yunnan Institute for nationalities, Kunming Honorary Professor Zheng He research board honorary chairman, China study of South East Asia and China maritime history research consultant, China foreign relations history society and honorary director of the Institute of Pacific China. In 1946 and graduated from Guo Lidong
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Ji Xianlin ordered Yao Nan preface preface of Chinese marine culture dawn -- Hemudu Site culture to explore the origin of the significance of the maritime Silk Road Silk Road from the road to the rise and fall of the sea on the reasons of the Silk Road on the sea in ancient Zhejiang in the East China Sea Silk Road's status in the South China Sea Silk Road and the cultural exchange between China and Thailand before sixth Century Bay and Thailand country in the east sea traffic in the position of the Arabia world in the Silk Road in the special status -- the China Arab Economic and cultural exchanges and its contribution to world civilization Zheng He's voyages to the Islamic world cultural influence and contribution of Zheng He's voyages to promote maritime Silk Road in the heyday of Macao port in the modern sea the Silk Road in the special status and influence -- on the cultural exchange and the mutual influence of the Silk Road on the sea and in Latin America, foundation, the cultural exchange between the Silk Road on the sea and the sun and the moon together -- in UNESCO Maritime Silk Road comprehensive inspection in the Southwest Silk Road history and its development prospect -- Dehong's special status and its contribution to the maritime Silk Road in history and its contribution Burma in the history of sea transport and the cultural exchange of China and Thailand history of maritime traffic and cultural exchanges Confucius thought to the world and in twenty-first Century the prospects for the development of Ningbo Confucian merchants at home and abroad do poineering work and its contribution to the motherland of Ningbo port and foreign trade and cultural exchanges of I and America Flying Tigers in Anti Japanese joint review the research on the maritime Silk Road in some of the harvest and the experience in Ningbo and the maritime Silk Road culture in the development foreground twenty-first Century Sun Zhongshan in Macao and Taiwan Pacific revolutionary activities and the influence to mourn En Shizhu Jie Qin Professor -- mourn the teacher professor Yao Nan my good teachers and helpful friends, morality, spirit -- congratulate professor Ji Xianlin nine th birthday remembrance of me and Thailand Kistler museum curator Zhou Zhenrong in China searching for stones and past reprint postscript appendix author list
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