The exchange and exploration

Date of publication:2003-4   Press: People's University   Author:Renmin University of China research center in Germany   Pages:278   Words:238000  
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The Memoirs of diplomatic relations between China and Germany in the history of the relationship between the ups and downs of unforgettable experience memories of economic Chinese forestry impression -- Germans China forestry German social market economy and the reform of Chinese reference adhere to the principle of diversification pays attention to the government and folk power cooperation -- Germany to the small and medium-sized enterprise foreign economic policies of the kingdom of Germany's Pension -- exhibition the insurance system of political aggregation German political foundations in Germany to study education China German students exchange the German education system of Sino German cooperation and exchanges in education 30 years of German education reform significance -- on the establishment of the German professional diversified teaching way of thinking about language and Literature -- on the twenty-first Century German language of science Chinese Germanic language teaching and China Germanic the task of the scholars under the pen of Gerd Faust Spirit -- the cultural exchanges between China and Germany a history of the everlasting topic of historical and cultural development of cultural exchanges between China and Germany a new chapter in German Research center of Renmin University of China -- Speech at the inaugural meeting of the Sino German cooperation in the development of cross culture Communication problems of Adam Schall (Tang Ruowang) and his "main business group" @##@ features This book collected writings, discuss deep, has high academic value. This fully shows the bilateral diplomatic relations 30 years, two scholars in the academic research in various fields in other countries is deepening gradually. The two countries to further expand economic cooperation, expand the political culture has a positive effect. Especially should put forward is, make a contribution to the older generation of scholars to promote bilateral friendly, Sino German cultural exchange, China Germany Friendship Association President Wang Shu, Peking University professor Zhang Yushu, the Guangming Daily reporters in Germany Chen Wenkui, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Chairman Wolfgang 弗律瓦尔德 Professor Dr. (Dr.Wolfgang Fruhwald), chairman of the Aachen Association of German Schall, professor emeritus President Hansjosef Tyson (Hansjosef They β EN), the German Federal Agriculture, food and consumer protection department senior officials Richard Lammer (Dr.Richard Lammel), vice president Thomas Hanisch professor of German Institute of Tongji University (Prof.Thomas Harnisch) are provided for the book.
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