The ancient China

Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Fudan University press   Author:Han Sheng editor   Pages:433   Words:348000  
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Making the air ten live thread article conceptions and Mann tea man -- Connotation and purifying battle of Bai Jiang and East Asia World Cultural Origin and exchange of Koguryo gwanggaeto stele early Melbourne and spread (1880-1888). In the thought of India culture and Chinese culture "Wenjing MiFu Lun", as the mass of the years and finishing "Wenjing MiFu Lun" and "interest in Chinese and Japanese poetry about the" Studies on the formation of Anxi Eastern thousand Buddha cave in cave second Tantric murals of Tang Monk interpretation method for finding the road between Jian Zhen and Tiantai monk Konghai master Kukai and Tang and Buddhism in Fujian ennin into the Tang method trip Shandong road in the Rushan section of Penglai -- to become an independent school of East Asian honey on the teaching of culture of the Tang and the Five Dynasties and social life of the Tang Dynasty. The Esoteric Buddhism Buddha bone belief -- around the Famen Temple Buddha bone door and Han Yu's "theory of Buddha bone" Famen Temple, forty-five statues of diamond man tea Shu eight Ming plans of diamond formation, tea. To the empty world of thought. Thought of the ideological theory Buddha empty empty and body initiation significance on air six margin to say Empty mantra and the mandala of the East Asian world trade relations with Nagasaki trade @##@ Qing Dynasty Jiangnan Ship Ancient East Asian world is one of many countries and national East Asian experience collision and exchange of hundreds of years of gradually formed. On the Northeast Asia, South Korea, and Japan in terms, the relationship between very close, whether in custom and human feelings, thoughts, or in the cultural aspects of social life, have shown a high degree of similarity, the similarity is not weakened with the Things have changed., but in their development of personality AC Zhongyi significantly rich and colorful, and Yangyang, personality is revealed through the common. This kind of display elements, the Oriental civilization inherent characteristics like gene, basic norms of the growth of life and existence. Therefore, exploring these basic elements, become our deep understanding of the key of the Oriental civilization. In ancient times, Chinese, Korea and Japan in East Asia is typical. Form the first fundamental aspects of the world, is a common agricultural society. The Han Dynasty is the first important period in Northeast Asia World formation.
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