Study on propagation of Kong Zi College

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Liu Cheng, Nanjing University, doctor of literature, International Education Institute of South China University of Technology, associate professor, master's tutor, Dean of Kong Zi College of University of Lancaster of china. The main research interest in cross-cultural communication and international education, Chinese Kong Zi college. In the domestic and international professional academic journals published nearly thirty, publication Monograph (including co authored) three, presided over the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects two items, involved in a number of national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects.
Enron, multicultural education, the University of Reading in the UK, the international society for Intercultural Communication Research (IAICS) International director, standing director of Chinese society of cross-cultural communication, international academic journal Language
and Education, Intercultural Communication
Studies editor. The main research interest for multicultural education and cross cultural communication. Kong Zi School of intercultural communication research in influence research project "the host" (the National Social Science Fund Project), "the Kong Zi College Chinese teachers cross-cultural adaptation and propagation ability research" (the Ministry of education of Humanities and Social Sciences project).
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Yao Jide (2009) on the basis of analyzing the history and actuality of Chinese teaching in Iran, the Kong Zi School of the University of Tehran to overcome enormous difficulties in Chinese teaching. Zhong Yinghua (2009), Zhou Qian (2010) introduced by Kong Zi as "image ambassador" of Confucian thought and how to develop the "journey of peace in africa". He Yi et al (2009) reviews the difficult process of creating Kong Zi college in Nepal, Kong Zi faculty "target groups". Second, the problems facing. This includes teachers, teaching material and teaching method of "Three Religions" (Wu Ying, quiet, 2009; GarySigley and Li Jia, 2009; Li Ming, 2009; Zhang Xuezeng, 2008; Yao Jide, 2009), how to integrate the interaction with the local community (Wu Ying, quiet, 2009), the source problem (Zhang Xuezeng, 2008). The activities of the organization problems (such as "understanding of China" series of lectures, weekend Chinese angle, the Chinese Film Festival, Chinese culture exhibition etc.) (He Yi, 2009). Third, countermeasures. As Zhong Yinghua (2009), professional construction Kong Zi, should be with the local system of national education standards, professional education to meet the fundamental needs of the local learners as the basic point of departure, Kong Zi college need to select and highlight the characteristics and development of cultural activities, cultivate and typical students. Aiming at the problem of international Chinese teachers and Chinese teachers lack of overseas capital soil construction, Wan new (2009) that should provide multi model and multi-level training (including overseas training with his combination of training, skills training and education combined, concentrated training and improve the long years combined, general improvement and individual development combined), localization exploration to promote Chinese teaching, strengthen communication and cooperation with the local education resources (including the upgrading of Chinese teaching status, make Chinese teaching practice, and the mainstream education as soon as possible for the localization of teacher appointment service). Guo Yulu (2009). From the management point of view, think that Kong Zi college should build innovation management mechanism, innovation mentality and the pattern. The pattern of running school, the strategy of sustainable development 2 Confucius institute. Zhou Zhigang, Qiao Zhangfeng (2008) from the perspective of Kong Zi's school running subject, the Kong Zi school running mode are classified into four categories: the model of the Sino foreign cooperative school running mode of higher schools and universities in China and foreign Multi-National Corporation cooperation mode, foreign governments and Chinese University cooperation mode, the foreign community and the Chinese University of cooperative education.......
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Strong theoretical value and practical significance, the volunteer president, for Kong Zi College of Chinese teachers and Chinese teachers' reading, and can also be used for research in international education and intercultural communication, Chinese scholars reference.
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