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Date of publication:2002-06   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Liu Deyou   Pages:584  

Liu De was born in 1931 in Liaoning Province Dalian city. Former Vice Minister of Ministry of culture of the people's Republic of china.
1949 participate in the work, is engaged in the teaching and the Japanese version of "people" magazine Chinese compilation, 1964 to 1978 "Guangming Daily"'s correspondent, journalist, Xinhua news agency in Tokyo bureau chief reporter, in Japan in 15 years. Its successor "people" magazine editorial board, China China
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Introduction on the road of life -- the Japanese government decorated by focusing on the cultural exchange between China and Japan in the spring and Autumn Road what amateur engaged in "Japanese translation of" translation "still mountains" frustrated translations published first enjoy happiness -- "occupied Japan situation analysis" through "prayer" from translating novels about "suddenly become dumb" -- separated by 20 years. "Two or three things" bug translation two or three things Akutagawa Ryunosuke "potato porridge" Mr Noma Hiroshi and the novel "image" from "I am Cat" translation works charm in interpretation highlights -- for Chairman Mao, Zhou, doing translation in those days "human tongue heavy tasks such as steel" East 灜 the fate I write how "fifteen years in Japan"? From "fifteen years in Japan" to "explore Japan fifteen years" "on" "modern Japanese postwar Japanese new exploration of" writing after Guo Moruo's visit to Japan I wrote "time travel" the advent of Chinese haiku haiku haiku · HAIKU · Chinese haiku haiku "bamboo" and "Kato Koko" haiku anthology I ordered hill fire and free law haiku cultural comparison of Sino Japanese cultural methodology I see on Kawabata Yasunari and his works, Onono Imoko and 苏因 high friendly exchanges with the cherry blossoms drunk a few back? Asari Keita and Chinese musical venereal a thousand generations and ballet "big Dunhuang" room V & Cultivation and "Chinese poetry" poetry love long Wing Sing Japan -- Chinese haiku first music and singing and expressive always spring "of" Chinese novel and Masuda Shibu remember Mr. Uchiyama Kayoshi diligently, the pursuit of truth -- read "I walk the rugged path -- Yokokawa Jiro's memoirs" Yamazaki Tomoko and "Wang Xiang" dramatic exchange I heard his voice on "stage art" Fenmo Deng Tai ten years he "Japanese Kabuki art" published in Japan dramatic exchange proposals Xuelin walk day school school and I I and "Japanese learning and research" "Sino Japanese cultural exchange" the encyclopedia "new practical Japanese loanword dictionary" order the Sino Japanese cooperation in publishing the gratifying achievements -- "modern Chinese Dictionary" recommended, "Japan postwar history" Chinese version "China Northeast China and Japan International Symposium on" order "World Publishing Industry -- Japan volume" order "on the history of Sino Japanese culture system" USA scholars to see how the Japanese Modernization -- Reischauer and his work "the Japanese" Japan as the Japanese Society of exploration Long before and after the unity, coordination, development, dedication is the creative characteristics -- written in Japanese. "" when he founded the Japan Institute was founded 20 anniversary -- for the Journal of "Japan" in 2001 fourth on the Japanese business my view of Japan's international cultural strategy form a literary circle from the cultural point of view, to carry out exchanges Fuso Qunxian Yasushi Inoue, pill wood in Furui Kimi Dlei Kuma Oya Masako River original Qi changshilang · male Miyakawa Tora Kamei Katsuichiro Nakajima Kenzo Shirato Goo Mei Yuanmeng Nakae Yosuke Shigeruyama Chusanro Shimizu Masao @##@ thousands of imperial clan. The author of this book has long been engaged and was in charge of daily work in the cultural and academic exchanges, from a cultural perspective has witnessed the development of Sino Japanese relations. This book is income dozens of papers, fully reflects the what one sees and hears, in the Sino Japanese cultural and academic exchanges of thoughts and experiences. Books are the new China since the establishment of Sino Japanese cultural exchange process some fresh scene and historical facts known precious records, also there is no lack of vivid sketches for many is committed to the cause of Sino Japanese friendly Japanese cultural celebrities.
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