Sino US culture and communication

Date of publication:2012-7   Press: Fudan University press   Author:Li Qingyuan Wei Xiaohong   Pages:327   Words:310000  

"Sino US culture and communication" based on the cultural perspective on the relationship (daily communication not only includes the national level diplomatic relations including the public level) to analyze and research. The author believes that to determine the direction of the development of relations between the two countries as policymakers and people, they always subject to certain cultural tradition under the domination of values and ideology.
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Li Qingyuan, male, 1971, Professor of English, Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity School of law, Sichuan province science and technology leader. Research direction for intercultural communication and English teaching. Host, the main research of national and provincial scientific research projects, 8, in the "Journal of Xi'an International Studies University", "Southwestern University journal", "Journal of Henan University" and "China University Teaching" and other academic journals published more than 20 articles; in the higher education press, Sichuan University press and Sichuan science and Technology Publishing House, 3 textbooks, are the chief editor.
Wei Xiaohong, female, 1971, Professor of English, Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity School of law. Mainly engaged in Anglo American culture, culture and translation studies. Host, the main research of national and provincial scientific research projects, 7, in the "foreign language teaching", "Shanghai", "Journal of Henan Normal University and other academic journals published more than 20 articles, deputy editor of the publication of 2 books.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of communication, culture and intercultural communication.
a communication concepts of
two communication component of
three communication basic features of
second day culture.
a culture defined
two cultural structure of
three cultural characteristics of
third section of intercultural communication
a concept of intercultural communication intercultural communication.
two classification of
three the importance of intercultural communication.
four the necessity of intercultural communication studies.
second chapter of Sino US cultural characteristics and origin of
the first festival of Chinese traditional culture.
a Chinese traditional culture characteristic of
two China the traditional culture origin
Second American culture.
a what is American culture.
two characteristics of American culture.
three of American culture and American culture origin
third chapter the basic spirit of
the first section of the basic spirit of Chinese culture.
a Chinese culture basic spirit connotation of
two Chinese culture the basic spirit of the main content of
second basic to American culture.
a spirit" Comparison of the development trend of
the first festival culture.
a logical sequence of isolation and the differences between American spirit "the connotation of
two American culture basic spirit
fourth chapter of American culture: the cultural phenomenon of
two exchange and infiltration to eliminate: no repressor cultural trend of
second festival of Chinese culture and American culture conflict and fusion
a review of the history of cultural exchange between China and the
two Sino US cultural conflict and compatibility of
third section under the background of globalization of world cultural development trend of
A world development trend of
two under the background of globalization of world cultural development trend of
three ethnic cultural globalization attitude and Countermeasures
the fourth section under the background of globalization, cultural development trend of
a globalization of Chinese cultural development trend of
two under the background of globalization, the cultural development trend of
fifth chapter of Sino US communication and error parsing
the first day after the founding of new China, the Sino US Relations Review and analysis of
a Sino US 60 years of communication process of
two the development of Sino US relations of stability and instability due to
three correctly treat the Sino US game "cultural conflict" in the
second section in the process of China's modernization American factor
"the view" and "modernization"
two in the reform and opening up of the United States and affecting factors of
three correct view of today's American factor
third American daily communication protocol to compare the differences between
a Chinese English contrast on review of
two American daily communication pragmatic stipulation to compare the differences between
Fourth cultural differences between China and the United States from the perspective of interpersonal misunderstandings examples
sixth chapters together -- on intercultural communication on
the first section is about the cross cultural awareness in intercultural communication.
second potential barriers in the
a stereotypes and prejudices.
two ethnocentrism
three culture shock
third common ground -- on intercultural communication on
a seek language, culture, intercultural communication channel dredging
two respect for differences, promote cross-cultural communication.
the main reference
Chapter excerpt

The first chapter of communication, culture and intercultural communication and culture although they are two different concepts, but closely connected. They are so closely related that some anthropologists believe that they are synonymous with. As Smith said: "as long as people are in contact with each other to communication. In order to survive and maintain social and cultural communication, people must." Culture through communication and acquisition, expression, transmission and save. Although the communication and cultureIndivisible, but for the sake of discussion we had to separate them. This chapter will separately for communication, culture and intercultural communication are discussed. The first section communication everywhere. People always, always, everywhere in the communication. People even when alone, will not be able to avoid the communication. If most people can not contact with others, will be painful. In fact, solitude is perhaps the most cruel punishment of human. Language communication is often regarded as an important basis for the distinction between human and animals. Basic communication -- to share thoughts and feelings with others in the ability of all human behavior. Whether we are living in the Canadian city, rural India, Israel's commune or the jungles of Brazil, we will participate in the same activity when we communicate. The results and methods may not be the same, but the process is the same: all the people are to share our life with others. So, what is communication? Because the nature of communication is everywhere, it is difficult to give an accurate and appropriate communication definition. 40 years ago, FrankDance edited out 98 different definitions of communication. A few years later, he was working with CarlLarson sorted out 125 different definitions of the communication. Even today, you go to a library and choose 10 on the communication of books, you will find that every book about the definition of communication are different. Although not a "one size fits all" definition, but most scholars for the basic features of communication or to reach a consensus.......
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