Research on currency and cultural exchanges with foreign countries

Date of publication:2003-3   Press: Chinese Agriculture Press   Author:Dai Jianbing et al   Pages:224   Words:182000  

Numismatics has a very prominent position in the western academic circles, including Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Sweden, USA, Holland, Russia, India and other countries have a deep knowledge of the coin scholars and experts. In the Silk Road monetary literature, at the end of nineteenth Century to the beginning of the twentieth Century, Britain, France and Germany, Percy Stein LeCocq, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Jie Ruichao Kozlov gentle Hector word et al in Central Asia and Western Chinese archaeological survey, dug away many precious cultural relics and coins from the Chinese Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, in the British Museum, the National Museum in France. These coins are very large number of data. The book discussed the recent research on the cultural exchanges of Chinese and foreign currency.
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The first chapter China ancient currency history, ancient coins, a two circular coin with a square hole three, versus four, notes second chapter Chinese and ancient Greek, Rome monetary cultural exchange, Alexander the great, copper, coin heritage two foreign lead cake three, money from Rome to four, China third silver coins unearthed in Venice chapter China and ancient West Asia Monetary cultural exchange, Persian silver coins two, three, four Arabia Persian notes coins, Chinese records Searl column fourth chapter China coins and ancient East Asia Monetary cultural exchange, Chinese and Japanese currencies cultural exchange two, Chinese with North Korean currency culture exchange the fifth chapter China and Ancient Southeast Asia Cultural Exchange, Chinese currency a currency and cultural exchanges between the two, Mayasi A of China 人锡 coin three, Thailand bullets, porcelain and gold silver money Chinese characters four, Indonesia Chinese characters lead money five, Chinese and other Southeast Asian countries, the sixth chapter Chinese monetary cultural exchange with Central Asian countries monetary cultural exchange, Qiuci, five baht two the currency culture west three, black four, sweat coins of the Liao The five Mongolia international coin coin, sweat Arabia five, the Qing Dynasty the seventh chapter Chinese coins and the countries of South Asia Monetary cultural exchange the eighth chapter China and American countries monetary culture exchange the ninth chapter western monetary on Chinese modern currency impact
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