On the history of cultural exchanges between China and the West

Date of publication:2007-6   Press: Hubei people's Publishing House   Author:He Zhaowu   Pages:221   Words:247000  

He Zhaowu, native of Hunan Yueyang, was born in Beijing in 1921, 1939-1943 studied in the southwest United University, 1943-1946 studied in Tsinghua University (Southwest Research Institute).
1957-1986 let history China Academy of Social Sciences Research Institute researcher, assistant researcher, Professor of Tsinghua University in 1986 with the Department of history culture research institute. He was also a cultural exchange between China and the United States China Exchange Council scholars
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@##@ a false issue communication postscript history research a preface to the Ming and Qing Dynasties of Chinese and Western cultural exchange history of two in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty Western China three in early Qing Dynasty, the East West cultural exchange four Old Regime France and China culture five China traditional thinking and modern science six modern Chinese and Western cultural collision of seven Xu Guangqi on eight Matteo Ricci and Chinese notes "" nine yuan yuan and Li Shanlanshi on Joseph Needham "Chinese history of scientific thought" eleven and seats in the professor In the field of Chinese and Western cultural exchange, has been influenced by the politics, the academic point of view, or the left or the right, most of the correct evaluation of history cannot give. The author reviews the Ming and Qing Dynasties cultural exchange history, starting from the cultural exchange between the representatives of the Ming and Qing Dynasties -- the western missionaries and scholars, discusses them into the modern function in the process of cultural exchange and the Chinese civilization, to clarify the true purpose of Western missionaries and Matthew, Tang Ruowang, Southern Huairen to teach western. Author from the last century forty's reading in the southwest of the UN General Assembly began to collect the relevant materials, continued for nearly half a century, was written in the book of the Department of discourse. The book written in simple and smooth, readability is strong; it objectively and impartially, the famous historian, up to the Hou Wailu and the British scholar Joseph Needham and other masters of help and support, for readers and researchers to learning, reference.
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  •   The author of the book is a famous scholar in the book, each paper are very insightful, well worth reading.
  •   Really a good book!!! The author would not have introduced, research Ancient Chinese Literature Search if people do not understand his words, also won't have to see the book, the book vividly viewpoint, position is precise, is widespread, is worth mentioning!!!!
  •   He showed me what is learning to do, and if wishes, beg to differ. When viewpoint, seems a bit too. But the fact as the basis, not so shocking words, curry favour by claptrap. That should be enough.
  •   Cited a lot of, full and accurate data, very useful for academic research, if only for the purpose of leisure for reading, not recommended. What the old gentleman the repeated his view, some long winded.

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