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Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Chinese International Broadcasting Publishing House   Author:Shen Ningbian   Pages:554   Words:445000  
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In order to write in front of the word "business week" forum 2002 Tianjin, Tianjin Belgium China Culture Art Festival International Federation for housing and planning the forty-sixth World Congress "in Tianjin city cooperation and Development Forum in the" Tianjin China (Tianjin) the first overseas Chinese and in twenty-first Century the development of Tianjin Hongkong week in earnest talk will meet autumn -- Tianjin cross strait cultural exchange activities for students 2002 yuan Yingxiu Island Tianjin International Children's culture and Art Festival of Tianjin Youth Art Troupe in the American Jin Yong Tianjin line "Yang fellow" going home "startled day two hours" -- Tianjin netizen Hijacking Hostage Rescue India documentary first China (Tianjin) folk art boutique Expo culture of traditional Chinese medicine's China Festival Master Yi Mo show Ma Sanli bid farewell to the stage of Feng Jicai Jia Zi's exhibition of Li Yuelin and his miniature landscape customs "dragon stamp" play "summer memory" fire white cheeked gibbon birth...... Tianjin postscript @##@ overview This book in the us from the historical retrospect, further understand and grasp the publicity work especially TV rules. At present, Tianjin modernization construction has entered a new stage, Tianjin is facing a period of great development prospects, publicity work, arduous task, responsibility. A vast ocean for the sharks, a boundless sky for the eagles. "China • Tianjin" column on the existing experience and talent team, will stand in a new starting point, to achieve a major breakthrough, make new contributions to the reform and opening up and modernization construction of tianjin. "Chinese • Tianjin" column is to let the world know an important window of tianjin. More than ten years, this section of the founder, do not know how much hard sweat, also spent many sleepless nights don't know.
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