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Liu Deyou, 1955, 1964, many important meetings and talks with Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoji, Chen Yi, Wang Zhen and other state leaders and the Japanese visitors as the translation work. In 1964, as one of the first Chinese reporters were sent to Japan to the resident to 1978, successively as "Guangming Daily" reporters, the Xinhua News Agency reporter, chief reporter, which lasted 15 years. 1986 - 1996 was appointed Vice Minister of Ministry of culture of the people's Republic of china. Served as executive vice president, honorary president of China Association of foreign cultural exchanges will Guo Moruo. President of the Japan Society of honorary president, China Japan Relations History Society honorary chairman, Chinese haiku society.
has published "fifteen years in Japan" and "modern Japanese language", "post-war Japanese new exploration", "Guo Moruo", "after the war with Japan time travel -- my experience of Sino Japanese relations" and "Xinlingzhiyue -- I witnessed the Sino Japanese cultural and academic exchange", "Huai Yin. Note: Chinese haiku 100", "the Japanese and Chinese language" (Japanese) and "
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The copyright page: illustration: in 1931 March, 27 year old Zeng Tian involving from Japan to Shanghai, he took the novelist Misaki Sato Haruo wrote Uchiyama a letter of introduction. Masuda do students when I met Misaki Sato Haruo, and help him engaged in translation work, and Misaki Sato Haruo used to go to China to recognize Uchiyama. Masuda to Shanghai, Uchiyama said to him: "Mr. Lu Xun in Shanghai, you want to make Chinese literature, can learn many things with Mr. Lu Xun." He also suggested that the increase of field "" Chinese novels translated into japanese. Masuda heard write "history of Chinese novel" Mr. Lu Xun was in Shanghai, I thought: if I can see Lu Xun, it is the chance of a lifetime, I want to learn from him all, absorb all. Masuda said: "Mr. Hill told me that Mr Lu Xun almost every afternoon about one o'clock to the bookstore." The second day, I took the time to go to, first met Mr Lu Xun. Meet for the first time, do not remember. The second day, we included mountain bookstore, Mr. Lu Xun gave me a "flowers", and to understand the situation in China, this book is the first look. Masuda had read the book in the dorm, second days to Uchiyama bookshop to meet with Lu Xun, do not understand the place mentioned, that lasted about a week or so. One day, Lu Xun said to Masuda will come to his house. Masuda said: "from now on, I will every day from Uchiyama bookshop near the apartment to mr.. Are generally around one o'clock in the afternoon, mountain Bookstore meet, chat with other people, then two people together to go to his house. Lu Xun and I sat in front of the desk, explain to me "a brief history of Chinese fiction". I use the Japanese word for word reading, problems encountered by translation does not go, Lu Xun uses the fluent Japanese told me and answers, I listen and take notes. My question is not only words, also includes the social situation, involving a variety of things happen in China at that time." Here, Masuda happily come up with their own collection for many years "a brief history of Chinese Fiction" revised in 1930 by the end of this. In the 1923 edition of the original printed, Lu Xun with a brush to multiple, and on the first page of Lu Xun for revision of the "preface" written manuscripts, Lu Xun to Zengtian explanation is the use of the bottom copy. Lu Xun, Zeng Tian explained to the book, the bottom manuscript to masuda.
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The frontispiece editor
"islands in the sea is my" -- Nakajima Kenzo
life is not put out the fire -- Shirato Goo
"pipe smoke" gushed Vince Dlei Kuma
Inoue Yasushi's historical novel "Kroraina"
Mr Noma Hiroshi and the novel "image"
Japanese writer Ariyoshi Sawako
well, Joe and Taiwan "peach magic"
on Kawabata Yasunari and his works.
memory of Japanese painting master Hirayama Kaoruo
remember Mr. Uchiyama Kayoshi
found Lu Xun inscription "scream" and "wandering"
"a brief history of Chinese Fiction" and increases the field related to
Mr. Takeuchi Mi and Chairman Mao poetry translation
ballet the ballet "the white haired girl" with Shimizu Masao
"Munchausen" master Hotei Nomura's China complex
venereal a thousand generations and dance drama "Dunhuang"
Asari Keita and Chinese musical
Yamazaki Tomoko and drama "nostalgia"
to cherry blossoms drunk several times -- Mayama Miho
Kurihara Komaki performing arts
Room V & Cultivation and "Chinese poetry" chant
haiku margin -- I and poets of Japanese haiku Fujiki Kuko
and vivid spring always -- Ryuta Taewoon
the first wrote Chairman Mao Japanese calligraphers Poetry -- an original Gao Yun
Furui Kimi and Qi Gong Chan
"original burst the map" author, artist 丸木俊
tea in thousands of head of thousands of imperial clan
friendship · · twenty-first Century @##@ bouquet "Japanese culture portrait: focusing on the cultural exchanges" is introduced by Liu De has in the past contact and understanding of Japanese culture in many people only 28. Including the "sea of the island is me" -- Nakajima Kenzo "," life is not put out the fire -- clay 吾夫 "," pipe "smoke" emission Vince Dlei Kuma "," Japanese writer Ariyoshi Sawako "," on Kawabata Yasunari and his works "," cherish the memory of Japanese painting master Hirayama Kaoruo "," harmony Mr. Uchiyama Kayoshi "etc..
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"Japanese culture portrait: focus on the cultural exchange between China and Japan" by the culture and Art Publishing house.
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  •   The establishment of the new Chinese to reform and opening up, to twenty-first Century the Sino Japanese friendly exchanges, between China and open, language learning and understanding of the environment, the cultural exchange between China and Japan's portrait.

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