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Date of publication:2006-12   Press: Version first (December 1, 2006)   Author:Schuler (Linda Schueler)   Pages:232   Words:196000  

Different cultures, has not completely the same values and philosophy. Even in the language expression and application way, among cultures is not able to fully one one corresponding translation and transformation; at the same time in different cultural influence, but also people form different mannered principles and preferences abominations. For example, Chinese and some overseas Chinese in a descendant of the dragon and proud, "dragon and Phoenix, see" is auspicious and good wishes and ideal in real life; in the tradition of the west culture, especially in those with religious legend, the dragon is the symbol of evil, the object is to be a Knight they destroy. Of course, now the dragon in the west is slowly becoming neuter, more and more western people also began to like the dragon. For example, the Linda legends of Chinese dragon very much, including five kinds of color dragon and nine postures.
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The first chapter is the second chapter of high language environment of vs low language environment third chapter respect authority and respect vs innovation and new chapter fourth modest vs explicit fifth chapters concern vs privacy chapter sixth Eastern Rite VX Western Politeness chapter seventh goodness of human evil vs Source eighth chapter without business don't rape vs Business in the ninth chapter the consistency of vs the tenth chapter criticism vs encourages diversity chapter eleventh geese vs ugly duckling chapter twelfth naturally vs grasp the fate of the thirteenth chapter curve, jump vs straight fourteenth chapters left face vs call a spade a spade fifteenth chapter is to help friends two knife inserted vs A hedge between keeps friendship green. chapter sixteenth and vs competition seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter of human vs vs Western medicine Chinese medicine law the nineteenth chapter vs Tofu Cheese twentieth chapters to do the masters of their own destiny Book Ending
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  •   Like this kind of books can not say so detailed.. But somewhat verbose. But I bought this book the first 4. Third this is a cultural differences in specific version and interpretive version. In conclusion can benefit. Not bad.

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