Hanhai Camel

Date of publication:1999-7   Press: Version first (July 1, 1999)   Author:Yang Xiaoai   Pages:272   Words:210000  
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A sunset, the camel walk "seres" charm Ubbelohde Luo most early Chinese Rome business group world traders. The West tour Xing Hu trip, years have the tea horse trade as envoys of the merchant of Venice by camel bell, two words "forced" Dong Wan angel Xing Yuan Zhang Qian, Gao Xi and make the nations worship at his crown he makes Yutian Shaharu huge mission Chen Cheng five out of three, the high degree of Jiayuguan long "Qilian Mountains" echo Ottawa depression pool Tianma chanting "Shanxi" the immortal "booty" the west line frequency beacon Zhao Xijing Pipa and drum ensemble Li Yuan Wu Zusun Jia two expansion and wide end of West breeze degree from Wang Zhen the jade pass four, abroad for home "Kanto" poor Taoyuan dream about to take Dunhuang Xiqiang clan mass migration west east "refuge in Zhongzhou who have" and "Liangzhou migration to more than thirty thousand in the capital of the nation" very sonorous chorus dream entangles the Hongdong big tree "days teach blood onto the edge of dust", five the "white horse" east to sacrifice life for laws "Xiliang Buddha two people" the first westbound method "set up Barren road "" Wu, statues, have the source out of Liangzhou "" Tang "from the" green "and" white horse "the occasion will be" the last journey of well-known "three hundred monks in the bibliography @##@ westbound. "Desert straight down the long river of the yen." This is supporting the Silk Road in the world. "Peng out 汗塞 syndrome, but the Hu day." This is to awaken the silk road. Camel borne sound, through the desolate, Yan told sky, wipe off the lonely. Rows of footprints, like jumping notes, composes the hero of the song. This passage is studded with national culture and the Western civilization, on the flower rain, it extends from the ancient to the future and, winding away......
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