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Thanks to order the 1 humanitarian road -- on international law of the establishment of the company to protect the human rights of the importance of the social responsibility of ginger 黎罡 2 EU corporate governance system: a shareholder value orientation or Stakeholder Orientation? How Gu Zhengping 3 Council of Ministers of the EU Merger Regulation under the market dominant concept of Tu Chongyu 4 -- the conflict and balance of compulsory license system the EU intellectual property to the advantage enterprise pan Lily 5 "non market economy" to deal with the EU anti-dumping law of discriminatory rules di 朝平 6 judicial independence: human rights protection in the courts to achieve Lu man Shi 7 judges discretion -- from a European perspective analysis of Cheng Liwen's 8 legitimate expectation principle in the European Court of justice for Tang Hongyuan 9 the AIDS patients' human right protection and public health Li Fang 10 China in criminal justice "double penalty system" Yang Guo 11 construction of Chinese anti harassment law and related legal issues -- from the perspective of Comparative Law Study on Cui Keli 12 EU criminal judicial cooperation prospect of EU freedom, security and justice challenges Tanaka Wei 13 auxiliary principle of law Fang Xuan @##@ defects In 2000, the European Commission funded a number every year outstanding ability Chinese young lawyers to go to Europe for 9 months or longer training, operation situation of our legal system and the law in practice. Course by China -- the EU laws and judicial cooperation project specifically for the project participants. Although the study China young lawyers in a series of carefully selected European University, course still has realistic rather than purely academic significance. Project participants visited the legal institutions including the European Court of justice and the local prison, in Europe, practice law firm, and with the European Youth legal workers to communicate. As one of the achievements of the visit, the book will be the project participants wrote third papers. The author hopes to share the European trip harvest and other China legal workers, combined with the experience about their understanding of the relationship between the European experience and the law of the development process China. The authors also wish this collected works to enhance mutual understanding for the norms of the legal system and law between Europe and china. Helps to promote bilateral relations in Europe for common understand law, abide by the international conventions and treaties to in-depth development of common interest in other areas in ensuring in trade, political dialogue and in europe. This book contains the papers cover a wide range of legal concerns including commercial trade and human rights. After deep thinking on the European tour, the author of a paper is to focus on practical application of law, but their work is based on the rule of law society based on the benefits of understanding. I would like to recommend to the reader, and I wish the paper set issue of success.
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