Diversified culture and market information communication behavior

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1998; Kotter & Heskett, 1992), these models and their concepts have been applied in one way or another in related studies.Dennison and Mishras (1995) model of organizational culture hasbeenappliedextensivelyinbusinessmanagementand consultancy. By the year 2000, as Fisher and Alford (2000) reported, "Dennisons model was applied in more than 1400 companies ranging in size from 10 to 300, 000 employees, representing all ages, industries and sectors" (P. 208).A number of articles also used Dennison and Mishras (1995) model to facilitate their findings. For example, Juchter, Fisher and Alford (1998) identify five conditions for high-performance cultures associated with Dennisons (1995) model. With measuring items developed from Dermison and Mishras (1995) model, Mobley, Wang and Fang (2005) conducted a field survey on organizational culture at five multinational rums operating in China and concluded that organizational culture can be another determi Ning source of competitive advantage. This conclusion is supportive of the rationale used in Dennisons (1995) model. Using Dennison and Mishras (1995) model as their own theoretical framework, Fey and Dennison conducted a survey in 179 companies operating both in Russia and the US in 2003 and found that "adaptability proved to be the most useful dimension in the model to understand the overall effectiveness of an organization" (P. 701).

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University of International Business and Economics press launched the latest large foreign academic monograph series -- "contemporary foreign language literature in academic library", invited me to write a preface, to take this opportunity to talk about my personal library, foreign language and literature to study some of the knowledge and experience. Study of foreign languages and literature in twenty-first Century, linguistics research, formal linguistics and functional linguistics theory to confrontation and dialogue, cognitive linguistics theory and theory of social culture rapidly, various linguistic theories to release the language facts from different angles solution; in the aspect of application, linguistics more widely cross and multi subject, using the and referring to the research achievements and methods include computer science, mathematical logic, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, ecological science, economics and other disciplines, has highlighted the linguistics as the humanities and Natural Science Interdisciplinary status. The literature research, British and American Literature under the impact of economic globalization, studies on literature and literary theory are focus on the relationship between cultural globalization and localization. The study of cultural globalization thinking of literary modernity, colonial post-modernism and post. Literary and linguistic studies of the mutual influence and integration is more and more obvious, methods of literary research more and more applied linguistics, such as discourse analysis, and vice versa. Our research in foreign language and literature in the globalization and Chinese after WTO and international academic exchange more closely, more rapid development. At the same time, we still see clearly, there are "still three skins" phenomenon of foreign languages and literature at home: the first piece of skin is "cooperation and exchange of Chinese and foreign language" is not enough.
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Chapter OneIntroduction Section 1.1Merger and Acquisition: A Fifth Wave Worldwide Section 1.2Chinese Companies and the 5th M&A Wave Section 1.3Aim of the Study Section 1.4The Cultural Issue in International M&As Section 1.5Cross-cultural Integration Strategy and Its Influencing Factors 1.5.1Strategic Leadership Type: An Influencing Factor 1.5.2 Organizational Culture: Another Influencing Factor Section 1.6Linkages between Post-M&A Cultures and Post-M&A Company Performance Section 1.7Motivations for this Study 1.7.1 The Current Scarcity of Research on China- related M&As 1.7.2 Theoretical Voids between Diversified Cultures and Post-M&A Company Performance in the Existing Literature 1.7.3 A Call from the Acade/ftia and the Business World Section 1.8Two Typical M&A Gases and the Proposed Research QuestionsChapter TwoLiterature Review Section 2.1National Culture in Two Classic Models 2.1.1 Hall's High/Low Context Cultures and Related Studies 2.1.2 Hofstede's Theoretical Framework Section 2.2Organizational Culture and Its External and Internal Orientations 2.2.1 Extended Studies out of Three Prior Models of Organizational Culture 2.2.2 Organizational Strength and Post-M&A Acculturation Modes 2.2.3 Organizational Adaptability and Information- Related Behaviours Section 2.3 Cross-cultural Integration Models and Modes 2.3.1 Berry's (1983) Model of Acculturation 2.3.2 Nahavandi and Malekzadeh's Extended Studies on Acculturation Modes 2.3.3 Distefano and Maznevski's Independent Model of Post-M&A Cultural Practices Section 2.4Strategic Leadership Type Section 2.5Market Information Communication Behaviour Section 2.6Cross-cultural Integration Strategies and Their Impact Pattern upon Communication Behaviours 2.6.1 Communication Behaviours under the Cross-......
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