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Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Central South University press   Author:Tang Degen   Pages´╝Ü281  

"Intercultural Communication" comprehensively expounded the theoretical system, the practice of intercultural communication principles, methods and skills of cross-cultural communication, in-depth study of the people of different cultures in which variables and cross-cultural communication in the universality of contradictions and problems than the speech act scenario, the influence of various factors in cross cultural communication the success of the scientific analysis, summary and explanation of the intercultural communication mode andFeatures.
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Tang Degen, male, born in October 1949, Hunan, Yongzhou city. The current Secretary of the Party committee of School of foreign languages of Xiangtan University and vice president, Professor of English language and literature. In twentieth Century 90 time metaphase, to study in Australia a year the author presided the Education Commission of Hunan province of two research projects, undertake the social science planning a research subject in Colleges and universities of Hunan Province, presided over the "update the English major curriculum contents of teaching and practice" by the Hunan provincial teaching achievement award two: Publishing "Chinese students communicative failure analysis", "Intercultural Communication" and other monographs and 6 textbooks: translation of national defense science and technology literature more than 200 words, in the UK, Australia, Hongkong academic journal, academic core journals and essays on the published academic papers published more than 40 papers, "cross cultural teaching" won the Hunan province foreign language and literature and the results of translation award, the main research direction of linguistics, intercultural communication and cross-cultural pragmatics.
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CHAPTER ONEIntrOductiOn1 Importance of Intercultural Communication1.1 The New Technology1.2 The New Population1.3 The New Economic Arena2 Studying Intercultural Communication3Intercultural Communication3.1 Host and Minority Cultures3.2 Subcultures (Co-cultures) 3.3 Muhicuhuralism3.4 Cross.cultural Communication3.5 Principles of Intercultural Communication3.6 Rationale3.7 Approach3.8 PhilosophyExercisesBibliography and Further ReadingCHAPTER TWO Language Use and Communication1 Human Comnlunication1.1 Intentional and Unintentional Behavior1.2 A Definition of Communication1.3 The Components of Communication2 Pragmatics:Language Use2.1 The Problem2.2 The Message Model of Linguistic Communication2.3 Problems with the Message Model2.4 An Inferential Approach to Communication2.5 Inferential Theories versus the Message Model3 The Characteristics Of Comnlunication3.1 No Direct Mind-to-Mind Contact3.2 We Can Only Infer3.3 Communication Is Symbolic3.4 Time-Binding Links Us Together3.5 We Seek to Define the World3.6 Communication Has a Consequence3.7 Communication Is Dynamic3.8 Communication Is ContextuaI3.9 Communication Is Self-Reflective4 The Brain Is an Open System5 We Are Alike and We Are DifferentExercisesBibliography and Further ReadingCHAPTER THREE Culture and Communication1 Culture Is our Invisible Teacher1.1 The Basic Functions of Culture1.2 Some Definitions of Culture1.3 The Characteristics of Culture2 Language and Culture3 Teaching Culture4 Forms of Intercultural Communication5 An Intercultural Commnnication Model6 Elements of Intercultural Commnnication6.1 Perception6.2 Verbal Processes6.3 Nonverbal ProcessesExercisesBibliography and Further ReadingCHAPTER FOUR Cultural Diversity in Perception...... CHAPTER FIVEThe Deep Structure of CultureCHAPTER SIXCross-cultural PragmaticsCHAPTER SEVENWords and MeaningsCHAPTER EIGHTNonverbal Communication
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