Cross cultural barriers

Date of publication:2003-8   Press: Beijing Broadcasting Institute press   Author:Bradford Holzer 'J'  

The book consists of 11 chapters, each chapter focuses on a key issue. Each chapter is relatively independent, but also interrelated. Author on each problem has its own unique views, and was quoted, involves a wide range, can be said that each chapter is a relatively complete system of thought, and it is composed of the 11 small system huge concept system. The spirit of coherence, integrity of purpose, the translator to choose the generally accepted translation, and strive to make the concept of unity, the thought through before and after.
the first chapter: what is the cross cultural communication.
second chapter: what is the relationship between communication and culture.
third chapter: how to understand themselves and others culture.
fourth chapter: what is the relationship between culture and identity.
fifth chapter: why our words will be misunderstood.
sixth chapter: why USA into with Iraqis are not the same.
seventh chapter: why can't we live together in peace together.
eighth chapter: how to manage cultural conflict effectively.
ninth chapter: how to manage the intergroup conflict effectively.
tenth chapter: how to achieve success in intercultural journey.
eleventh chapter: we can make a judgment about other cultures is not you. This chapter discusses the moral problems and problems in the construction of cross cultural community, involving all kinds of moral judgment, including three moral principles especially important significance in cross-cultural environment.
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