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Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Nanjing University press   Author:Li Huaibo   Pages:219   Words:240000  

Li Huaibo in the "selection, acceptance and misunderstanding:" Jack London image research in China, this monograph the integrated use of the image theory and ideology theory, Foucault's power discourse theory, Green Blatter and new historicism theory, will Jack London accepted in China can be divided into three historical stages of comprehensive and systematic research, respectively. The image of Jack London's Utopia, ideology and multiple diversification, focusing on the three different image of Jack London in China, namely the socialist image, individual image and the image of the strong, and discusses the formation and change of the image of the process. Li Huaibo is based on the twentieth Century China social development process, carefully examines Jack London's translation works, in circulation in China and the history of criticism, Jack London pointed out that the different image in China is the recipient of the selective acceptance of Jack London and his works in different social and historical context, is a kind of creative misreading.
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the first chapter seeking new ideas from abroad: Jack London Utopian images of
the first section "intelligence" and "nation": the transformation of national character and Jack London the image of the strong
second reference and Reflection: reflection of Jack London humanistic concern and compassion of the socialist image
third misreading and deformation: the early Chinese recipients of Jack London socialist interpretation of
second chapter subject construction: the image of Jack London's ideology of
the first political and ideological struggle: as the transformation of critical realist socialist image
second strong image: Capitalist jungle law of capitalist society. And reflects the strong image of
third collectivism "self" and "other": the individualism of extreme individualism of critical
third chapter deconstruction and reconstruction: the image of Jack London
the first section diversified questioning and Reflection: China recipients on Jack London Utopia image and ideological image deconstruction of
Second Individualism and personal struggle: Jack London individualism re interpretation of the
third eulogizing life and the song of life: the reconstruction of competition consciousness and vitality of
fourth section image of Jack London: Jack London in the Chinese racist image

the main reference
Appendix A: Jack London criticism of China, translated the chronology (1919 - 1989)
appendix two: Jack London's life and creation of Chinese index
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Chapter excerpt

The author's purpose is to reflect on the question and the recipient of the past "politics" and the construction of Jack London's proletariat, expose the "historic joke harmfulness and deceptive" on Jack London ideology in China's image in criticism is actually on the ideology criticism. As Al Duce said: "the ideology is individual and the actual existence of imaginary relationship performance...... People exhibit in the ideology of things and not their actual living conditions that their real world, but their relationship with those who are manifested in the ideology of survival condition." The deconstruction of ideology of the image of Jack London in "sex" imagination, on Jack London's Xi Yanping proletariat was to re construct, thought the writer "is far from a perfect proletarian writer, nor a rigid socialist follower, but a changing way, eager to obtain self the typical individualist. In the process of development of his individualism, to the needs of different periods of time and changing their beliefs." Therefore, in the opinion of the author, the socialism for Jack London is not a firm faith, but he "individualism on the road to the development of shelter". The Xi Wen although emphasis on the question of ideological criticism and deconstruction, but whether it is revealed "original intention and purpose to harm and deceptive" historic joke from theory, or from the income of Jack London's socialism "individualism on the road to the development of shelter" to the conclusion, the text body he has a strong ideology criticism. Accept the criticism, fundamentally speaking, is still an ideology control and influence the acceptance model. During this period, critics argue that Jack London is not a real socialist, affect the life and creation is the ideology of individualism and Nietzsche's superman philosophy, rather than previously thought of socialist thought. This is the previously regarded Jack London as "American Marx", "the proletariat literature of" question and reflection. From the analysis of the limitations of the writers of socialism in the first chapter, we can see that both from the Jack London youth to the aim of socialism or from his definition of socialism of view, he is not a real sense of the socialist theory of Marx. Jack London is closely linked with socialism and individualism, only put the two together could understand him completely. The socialism and individualism in opposition, simply emphasize either way, may to the one-sided. Jack London is far from a real, scientific and strong socialist, but conclude that he is a changing way, eager to get self realization of the typical individualist, thus the socialism as merely a many ways he take to achieve personal and individual desire, also not a one-sided. As Foucault said, breaking the "knowledge" and "the truth" continuity is not to abandon them, deny them thoroughly, "but should explore it in the approval of its game." The Wang Changrong in "Jack London, modern American Literature" called a "socialist oriented naturalist writers".......
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