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Date of publication:2012-12   Press: Peking University press   Author:The Ministry of culture of the Republic of foreign cultural Liaison Office   Pages:437   Words:608000  

"China's foreign cultural trade annual report" as the annual report the first comprehensive reflect the basic situation of foreign trade in culture, the book is by the Ministry of Culture Bureau for external cultural relations and the Peking University Institute of Cultural Industries Co edited, every two years a. The report reflects the national foreign trade and the development of culture, is an important part of foreign cultural trade information service system, to fully understand the situation of foreign cultural trade of China, and to promote the study of the theory and practice of foreign cultural trade has played a positive role.
Catalogue of books

General report
the monographic study of
first chapter from the "WT0" and "cultural exception" international cultural trade rules of
second chapter Chinese foreign culture trade strategic direction and policy suggestion of
third chapter under Digitalization of cultural products and services in international trade.
Fourth chapter of Chinese enterprises in the foreign trade situation and development
fifth chapter Countermeasures in 2011 China foreign cultural trade international market space analysis of
sixth chapter cultural export mode and overseas cultural assets acquired
seventh chapter of China's cultural trade situation of human resources, training mechanism and practice of
eighth chapter Chinese cultural enterprises of international market entry mode of
ninth chapter of our country enterprise development international performing arts famous brand of the path and mode of
tenth chapter, cultural and creative products trade competition between the empirical analysis of
the eleventh chapter, the animation industry international cooperation
twelfth chapter Chinese in overseas cultural activities organized in four cognitive and participates in the
- Russia and Germany India comparative study analysis and the proposed
Industry Report and case study of
first chapter entertainment industry foreign cultural trade annual report
second chapter news publishing Industry foreign cultural trade annual report
third chapter film industry foreign cultural trade annual report
fourth chapter TV industry foreign cultural trade annual report
fifth chapter animation industry foreign cultural trade annual report
sixth chapter game industry foreign cultural trade annual report
seventh chapter art industry foreign cultural trade annual report
eighth chapter design industry foreign cultural trade annual report
ninth chapter advertising foreign cultural trade annual report
tenth chapter music industry foreign cultural trade annual report
eleventh chapter cultural convention and exhibition industry foreign cultural trade annual report
regional report
first chapter of area of annulus Bohai foreign cultural trade annual report
second chapter of the Yangtze River Delta region foreign cultural trade annual report
third chapter of the Pan Pearl River Delta region foreign cultural trade annual report
fourth chapter border and inland area foreign cultural trade annual report

first chapter of overseas Chinese cultural products export to South Korea report
second chapter find "original", go out of the country.
third chapter of China international cultural trade investment returns and the influence of the London consumer
The fourth chapter of China
fifth chapters content analysis and market statistics in Germany's Cultural Soft Power Research (2010)
appendix a foreign cultural trade policy review (2010 - 2011)
appendix two foreign cultural trade index
Chapter excerpt

2 the United States the basic situation of the California lantern lantern theme: "lantern art about China", is a set of color art, cultural promotion, outdoor recreation, leisure, catering for the whole event. The show consists of 8 large theme lamp area, 40 light spots, more than 60 strains of light scene tree. Lamp group in the traditional lantern shape, sound, light, color, artistic characteristics into fine, fine, skillful, penetration, the spirit of new ideas, highlight the energy-saving and carbon reduction, green environmental protection and the spirit of the times, showing the cultural connotation and the artistic charm of Zigong Lantern Festival unique. The whole exhibition with decent, colorful garden lamp king, new visual shock, displayed the infinite charm of Chinese lanterns to the United States and even the whole western society, has a hot, wonderful culture tourism festival. The introduction of products for the brand, Zigong city lights trade management committee, Zigong Lantern Exhibition Co., preferably top lamp group design and production staff of artists, the establishment of the Zigong Lantern Festival in the United States exhibition team. Planning a "window of the world, classical Chinese, happy Christmas, ancestral home, a Winter Wonderland" as the 40 light spots highlight 8 main lamp, lantern shape, and the design level of high production standards, the Lantern Festival innovation, energy-saving concept. First entered the United States trade show, encounter many unimaginable difficulties. Lights from the preparatory work to start, from the market positioning, lamp group design, material selection, organization, planning, reporting and approval, site selection, production, transportation, construction and so on shall be first to try. Project one and a half years, experienced many Sino US return, every day countless emails, telephone contact, communication, hundreds of mechanical engineering drawings, the audit and reporting. The 120 workers two months of day and night, manufacture, 23 40 foot container lantern components shipped to the United States from Zigong Bay area of Silicon Valley, the construction team 35 lights in the United States, assembling a half day and night to build a giant lantern consists of 40 sets of flat ground and Lamps City, covers an area of more than ten acres "the lamp Carnival" with perfect Xiongqi magnificent and colorful, wonderful workmanship and crafted the unique charm charm, Zigong Lantern Artistic Charm, visual impact and the modern science and technology performance in front of the audience in the United states. The influence of 3 lights in San Francisco Consul General of the people 's Republic of China spoke highly of the large lantern festival held in the United States for the first time, that this will help the American people understand the Chinese traditional culture, promote friendship and cooperation between our two peoples; the famous Chinese leader Fang Libangqin praised:'s lantern cultural tour, Chinese lantern with rich elements of interpretation the social life and customAnd let the world more people perceived a classical Chinese, a vibrant China, a prosperous China; said excitedly the famous American sculptor Joseph Horn watch the lantern show: wonderful, outstanding, the world really is the first show of lights: Intel etch Department Engineer Mike is born Americans, devout Christians that Christmas, he came with her three year old son "the lamp" Carnival in the exhibition area for around two hours, told reporters that the lantern is too beautiful, and we hope the Chinese Lantern Festival every Christmas in California.......
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