Chinese foreign cultural trade annual report

Date of publication:2011-3   Press: Peking University press   Author:Edited by Peking University Institute of cultural industries   Pages:192   Words:274000  

Foreign cultural trade industry report, foreign cultural trade area reports, annual theme and the key case, entertainment industry, culture industry of convention and exhibition, art and design industry, animation and game industry, film and television industry, press and publication, the audiovisual industry advertising industry and etc..
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The first chapter is
second chapter foreign cultural trade industry report
the first festival entertainment industry
second festival culture exhibition industry
third art and design industry.
Fourth festival of animation and game industry
fifth film and television industry
sixth news publishing, video industry
seventh advertising industry
the third chapter foreign cultural trade area report
the first section area of annulus Bohai foreign cultural trade
second "Pan Yangtze River Delta" area of foreign cultural trade
third "Pan Pearl River Delta" area of foreign cultural trade
Fourth inland provinces and cities along the border and foreign cultural trade
fourth chapter annual theme and the key case
the first section topics for discussion at the
topic A: foreign cultural trade and Chinese culture "going out"
item two: "attachment theory" to see the financial crisis environment China foreign cultural trade
item three: look at the new
issues change the growth mode of foreign trade from four in the development of cultural and creative industries: international culture trade undergraduate applied talents training mode of
five foreign cultural trade issues: the role of government in the issue of six
: Cultural Trade: China culture "going out" rational choice
second cases analysis of
one case: the culture of "going out" integration advantages of
-- "ERA a time travel" and China foreign cultural group case study
two cases: not to pay the proceeds with the early development
-- Analysis of licensing fees for
three cases of Fujian net overseas market expansion case: to the London Olympic Games order
-- crystal stone international culture marketing case
four cases: the overseas acquisitions out
-- day income share USA White House theater side of
five cases: ten years of overseas
the "Smiling Curve" theory analysis "beauty media" brand internationalization of the road
six cases: the pursuit of "China dream"
-- Chinese film overseas promotion "sea push company" to
seven cases: the head of "going out" smile "please come in"
-- Chinese Central Ballet 2009 France
eight cases: the creative light works
-- children's play "twelve animals" to the international implications
appendix a culture of Trade policy review
appendix two foreign cultural trade index
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