Chinese and Western cultural exchange

Date of publication:2009-4   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Li Ling, especially resistant, edited by Xie Wenyu   Pages:466   Words:521000  

This book is a academic papers, mainly studies the influence on the Chinese since modern Christianity culture Chinese, namely from the perspective of the cultural exchange between China and the West Chinese Christian communication history. The book for the Chinese and foreign well-known scholars boutique collection of papers and become, have very high academic value. The book is divided into five parts, the social, cultural, historical, practical theology.
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Review of "Chinese and western communication" Rethinking "western" (Preface) first series of historical and cultural collision and exchange of Christianity in modern and contemporary Chinese -- the spread of Morrison:A Man with a Mission (Morrison: a missionary vision people) A Comparatative St'udy of Sino-American (]ognitive&Theological Pattern&Proposed Alternatire comparison between Chinese and Western cultures: exploring the ideology and theological form with the appropriate language dialogue -- a Confucian Thoughts on Morrison's "Chinese culture" cultural tolerance or emotional rejection? -- on Liang Qichao to Christianity and Confucianism special treat second series of social knowledge, emotion and traditional Chinese and Western culture. -- Ding Weiliang presided over the translation of "public law" will influence through new missionary movement to China social Chinese cultural ideological descendants of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the third Russian orthodox history and present situation of China communication coding on cultural and Mr. "inborn moral" Christian on the occasion of the change of Christian culture in the constitutional government failure: Christian necessary intermediary to enter the public sphere -- with China modernization centered context Buddhism, Christianity and science: Streator and cultural exchanges between China and the West from "Three Religions" to "five" -- for the "Five" of General William "Confucian Christian" cultural value choice out of cultural blind spots: the original sin theory from the perspective of the theory of good nature and fourth theological Heaven (Tian days), Principle (1I), Life-giving Actity (Sheng) and God (God): The Cheng Brot:her's Onto-theology (ontology theology two-way) Wang Yangming and Luther spiritual enlightenment practice for Christians on non Christian thought and China Indigenization church movement from Howard scholar's perspective China church social responsibility to the 200 anniversary of the flesh theology and China culture Morrison in China offering fifth real strange Modernization -- from the view of science of teaching and research in Colleges and universities. Christian China modern spirit and Christianity and foreign professor role -- in the Philosophy Department of Zhongshan University as an example of the statement and analysis China contemporary intellectuals to accept the journey Christian -- from Yang Xiaokai's testimony about in comparison with the Dragon: Christian accused the movement to construct national identity to the Chinese imagination and the cleaning of the house -- the 1951 on God and public life -- law must be believed in
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The cultural collision and exchange of Christianity in modern and contemporary times -- Chinese spread introduction: Christianity and China: two "strong culture" encounters and exchanges since 635 BC (Tang Taizong Zhenguan nine years) from China Nestorianism, began to Christianity and China meet and interact long history. This process has not yet ended, which increased two collision of pain and communicate with joy, full of ups and downs, perplexing historical drama and evocative, reflecting cultural episode. Different from the Buddhism spread in Chinese, Christian from the descendants of Chinese to today's development, always represents a "strong culture", even "and communication Chinese Culture Contest" with the "strong culture" support. Therefore, Christianity in China in its basic religious beliefs and religious principles are reluctant to make the essence of the "concessions" and "compromise", adhere to the original cultural tradition and religious concept of "authentic", which makes Christianity in China "indigenization" progress is slow, and there is little the qualitative "breakthrough". Even as the Limado Jesus fellow in the late Ming and early Qing China culture adaptation strategies are in the Christian Church has sparked controversy, ultimately suppressed. So, Christianity in the overall impression of Chinese is still a "foreign religion, Christianity" cultural factors also be regarded as a "heterogeneous" culture, Chinese culture basically is to alert, prevent and rejection. Chinese culture has a history of five thousand years, has its glorious past, is still full of hope for the future. Therefore, even in the history of political, China weak economy period, the culture of "pride" and "confidence" still has not shaken and give up. Therefore, the incoming China culture is in a "strong culture" attitude to meet, to Christianity, and look forward to "all rivers run into sea" tendency to Christianity "" as the self owned, thus it is very difficult to accept Christianity sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, overbearing unidirectional "missionary" mode, the exotic, alien "the strong culture" look down from a height, stand upon one's pantofles puzzled, confused, and even anger. As a result, both sides meet from time to time to "strong" to "strong" collision and each with its specification, the order of the "rites controversy", so as to let each other have suffered, and left some unforgettable scars.
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