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Date of publication:1999-3   Press: Peking University press   Author:Kong Yuanzhi   Pages:331   Words:270000  

Book of ethnic relations Indonesia Chinese by ethnic origin, describes the exchange Chinese Indonesian culture from religion, literature, language, architecture, medicine, technology, life and customs and other fields, especially in recent years is reviewed China Indonesia friendly cooperation and cultural exchange activities, meaning, characteristics and Prospect Analysis of the cultural exchange. The author of the 9 visit, collect a lot of information; at the same time reference of Chinese and foreign works over a hundred kinds. This book is for Sino foreign cultural exchanges, learning, research scholars and readers.
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Kong Yuanzhi, born in 1937 in Shanghai. In 1961 graduated from the Peking University Department of Oriental Languages and literature, majoring in Indonesia professional. After graduation teaches today, is a professor and doctoral tutor. From 1964 to 1965 in 雅迦达 Indonesia University Department of literature study. After eighty years, has been invited to visit Holland, France, Italy, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia
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Objective 1 from the national perspective China Indonesian ethnic relations among the 1.1 islands of Indonesia's original 1.2 a large number of the original Malay South 1.3 proto Malay migrated to the south of two routes 2 religious history 2.1 Chinese Indonesia in the religious field AC 2.2 nearly half a century of religious visits 2.3 Indonesian Chinese and religious Appendix 1 Jakarta Chinese Buddhist temple of gold the German Institute of Appendix 2 three Semarang Bao Miao 3 3.1 Chinese Indonesian Malay language learning 3.2 nearly half a century writer visits and exchanges of the works in Appendix 3 Appendix 4 in Indonesia Indonesian Literature in translation (1949-1998) Malay loan words in Chinese Loanwords in Appendix 5 of Zheng He in the Indonesian folk Tales 4 language 4.1 Yi Jing and the ancient Malay 4.2 Malay Indonesian Chinese loan words in the Malay and Indonesian language in Appendix 6 of the 4.3 Chinese in the Malay Indonesian Chinese Loanwords in Appendix 7 and dialect in 4.4 Indonesian Chinese and Indonesian born 4.5 Malay Chinese bilingual dictionaries and other Appendix 8 Malay Chinese Dictionary 5 art, sports and music and architecture 5.1 dance 5.2 drama and film 5.3 Wushu and Qigong 5.4 building, sculpture, painting Painting and 6 other medical and the production technology of 6.1 Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine 6.2 mining and metal 6.3 plow, fishing and farming, built around 6.4 tea and silk 6.5 sugar, wine and oil 6.6 6.7 shipbuilding gunpowder, firearms manufacturing and other 7 appliances and custom 7.1 ceramic 7.2 coins and measure 7.3 weaving, garment and printing and dyeing 7.4 daily necessities, cuisine and customs 8 in recent years, the bilateral friendly cooperation and cultural exchanges in Indonesia 9 characteristics of cultural exchange, significance and prospect in Indonesia, 9.1 characteristics of cultural exchange in 9.2 Indonesian cultural significance and Prospect of
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