A goose utters its cry wherever it flies

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The copyright page: illustration: Coca-Cola to return to the Chinese road this is the United States in 1984 "Time magazine" a cover: "China 's New Face' (the new face of China): a common Chinese holding Coca-Cola, smiling, very straight gate the performance of China's reform and opening up. People will begin a new life. In 1979, are thought to represent "the western capitalist way of life" Coca-Cola returned to China, the collision and integration period not only changed the hundred years brand Coca-Cola, also contributed to the Millennium ancient China open. In 1927, the streets of Shanghai quietly emerged a drink: "bite the wax tadpole". The name is weird, but liquid, sweet it is brown with a bitter taste, and the bubble to open bottle after filling, more let a person feel strange. Strange taste, with the odd name, this kind of beverage sales situation not where to go. The soft drink company second years reward in public, with £ 350 prize for translation. A Shanghai born professor of English at Jiang Yi, beat all the competitors, to win the prize, the soft drink company also acquired the brand - Coca-Cola. So far, this translation is still advertising and translation scholars praise. In 1933, Coca-Cola in Shanghai production plant is the largest outside the United States, "Coca-Cola" factory, in 1948, is the first company outside the United States annual output of more than one million box factory. Coca-Cola in 1949 to withdraw from the Chinese market. In 1976, the political situation in China is still not clear, the president of Coca-Cola China's ambassador to the United States to find the liaison office work Tong Zhiguang, hope Coca-Cola export to China, and to build a plant in china. For 佟志广, Coca-Cola is no stranger to. In Shanghai before liberation, he already tried this a bit like cough syrup "soda drink". But after the liberation born Chinese, Coca-Cola is in the movie American soldiers decadent indulgence, is the Korean War towel enemy beverage. Considering the actual situation in China, Tong Zhiguang to explain, it is still too early to enter china. With the situation of Chinese domestic politics gradually clear, Coca-Cola put forward again to return to China. This time, Coca-Cola president made it clear that to set up factories in China, its products are mainly targeted at Chinese consumers but not, foreigners travel to China -- those who have the habit of Coca-Cola's European and american. After consulted, 1978, COFCO and Coca Cola Co signed an agreement, the first batch of 3000 boxes of bottled Coca-Cola at the end of 1979, from Hongkong to Beijing. Coca-Cola successfully returned to China since the establishment of diplomatic relations in the "Joint Communique" published the first four days, became the first "eat crab" Usa Inc in China's reform and opening up. However, the doors have been opened, the road to success is their paving.

The cultural exchange is the research base, research base of Ministry of education in 2011, according to the instructions of the Peking University in October set up. Its background is: in 2010 May, in the bilateral maximum under the care of the leaders, Sino US high-level consultation on people to people exchange their government was formally established in Beijing. The mechanism to from the national level to promote bilateral education, science and technology, culture, sports, women and youth exchanges and cooperation, to enhance mutual understanding, respect and friendship between the peoples of the two countries and consolidating the social foundation of friendship. The establishment of the base is to ensure that the Sino US high-level consultation on people to people exchange the healthy and orderly development, provide effective academic and intellectual support for the mechanism of the development of.
base relying on Peking University profound cultural heritage, in academic research, scientific research cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and the United States, promote humanities exchanges, to promote mutual trust and friendship at the civil level, eliminate the prejudice and misunderstanding, make a great contribution to promoting the healthy development of relations between the two countries. The long-term goal of base construction is based on the Sino US culture, cross-cultural interdisciplinary research, built the humanities and science research academic center, at the same time, focus on the people of our two countries, to carry out multi-level dialogue, become an important platform for the exchange of beauty. Executive director of the
: Jia Qingguo (vice president and professor of Peking University, University of International Relations)
executive vice director: million Li (Peking University associate professor of University of International Relations)
Author brief introduction

The executive director of the cultural exchange research center Professor Jia Qingguo is a spring! Surging life in this wood recovery, season, we ushered in the third round of high-level consultation on people to people exchange! As one of the second round of the China US high-level consultation on people to people exchange results, this book recounts the story of some cultural exchange history, there are open between two countries history as the representative of the economic and trade relations with the United States "Queen" merchant, nearly generation represented by Xu Jishe and Edgar Snow as the representative of the Americans understand and know each other, there are two Education Association anecdotes, the two countries fought side by side the common fight against fascist aggression experiences were missionaries, diplomats tried to influence each other's efforts, there are two Chinese cultural and sports star to play the role of the exchanges between the two countries. The book wants through these stories, reproducing some meaningful fragments of Sino US exchanges between the two peoples, let people experience the historical leap, across cultures, across the cultural exchange process directly. Since 1784, the American queen merchant sail to China, China and the United States has gone through 228 years of communication. In the meantime, bilateral relations have experienced ups and downs, the ups and downs. There are surprised to find, but also disappointedUnderstanding; the junction of interests and ideas, there is also conflict demands and ideas; have good memories, also have pain feeling. It should be said that this is a rather asymmetric relationship. Most of the time in the contacts between the two countries, China and the United States rise decline, behind China, the United States advanced, China's weak, strong u.. Although after the founding of new China, China began to the revival of the road, but only in recent years, with the rapid rise of China's comprehensive national strength, China US relations have some signs to symmetry. Relationship this asymmetry determines the basic features of the active and passive in the relations between the two countries in China to a great extent, that is to say it is determined by the American merchant not China merchant opens the bilateral exchanges, the early Chinese students to study in the United States is rather than American students studying in China, which is determined by the many the Chinese people advocate the American system rather than many Americans respected Chinese system, decided on the United States in China to do the Xiehe Hospital instead of China harmonious hospital in the United States, the U.S. military came to China with the Chinese forces rather than the Chinese army to go to the United States and the United States Army to fight against the fascist aggressors...... In the interaction between different, between culture and system is deduced based on the relationship between the asymmetry between the people from the two countries have very different and complicated feelings for each other. In most countries the asymmetric communication history, Chinese and American resentment on both respected, and Americans for China is both respected and contempt. Many Chinese people praised the United States not only because the United States has advanced technology and rich life, but also because the United States has the rule of law, democracy and freedom. As early as in 1848, the then governor of Fujian Xu Jishe spent a lot of effort to compile "瀛环志略" in Washington, the person also wrote. In Yong in wins, wide, separatist male on Cao and Liu, already three feet Jian, break million, but became, not pass descendants, created for the press law. Few in the world, at a gallop on the three generation legacy. The governing Chong let good custom, no fighting skill, also can with countries of different. I have to see the portrait, Maung gas xiongyi peerless, alas! Be not that Jay. "! The United States of America that was in a million, without the role of number, do not follow the world and regulation, public opinion public. For the record and not the Bureau, a miracle! The west of ancient and modern characters, can not say first is to washington! It should be said that the United States this respected continues. Respected in the United States at the same time, in many Chinese people's eyes, the United States is a bully nation. At a time when China is weak, the United States and other imperialist powers forced China to sign the unequal treaty; it is an unreliable state, when China faced the external threat to ask for U.S. help, the United States has more than once choose to stand; it is a not for Chinese people's feelings of country in new China after the establishment of the United States had refused to recognize the Chinese people support the government and to intervene in Taiwan to the unification of China; it is a bully, often on the affairs of China to do as the Chinese do not comply with the wishes is nothing. Then, in the eyes of Chinese people, American advocates is democracy and freedom and the international fair, and damaged China's interests and feelings of the great powers. The Chinese revolution's father Mr. Sun Zhongshan has deep feeling. After repeated appeals to the United States to help the Chinese revolution failed, he lamented: "when we started the revolution, to overthrow the tyranny of government and the establishment of the Republic of corruption in China, is in the United States as the drum dancers and models. We were eager to have a US Lafayette Te is the same as we fight for the cause of justice. However, in our struggle for freedom and this for Twelfth years, came not with Lafayette Lafayette (citation so) but the American fleet commander led a country more warships into our territorial waters, to jointly overcome us, to destroy the Republic of china." The American perceptions of China as complex and contradictory. To Americans, Chinese people are diligent intelligence worthy of respect, and the ignorant and backward to the sun. American scholar Harold Isaacs with a vivid description of American attitudes to China: "our concept of China including the near eternal stability and endless confusion. Our understanding of the Chinese characteristics including the sage's wisdom and strong superstitious ignorance, unexpected extreme, philosophy of equanimity and explosive craze. Our feelings towards the Chinese people including the sympathy and exclusion, parental love and anger, affection and hostility, love and close to hate fear." The cultural exchange is carried out in such a complicated historical background, huge gap between exchanges between the two peoples should not only across different civilization and system, but also beyond the asymmetrical relationship problems, it is not easy! However, the pursuit of interests, to explore the unknown, a desire for friendship, to yearn for a better, eventually the two people together! They use their own personal experience tells us that as long as the heart, nothing in the world, the conflict including culture differences, cultural distinction, value difference, institutional barriers, interests, to prevent the equality between people and good communication. It is those human equality and friendly exchanges privately makes the people of our two countries have gradually understand and know each other, and on the basis of the increasingly wide and deep, become the foundation and driving force of Sino US cooperation for development. The passage of time, the relation of today is different from that in the past. Since China's reform and opening up, China's sustained rapid economic growth, the two countries increasingly close contacts between the two countries in narrowing the gap, development, value difference in reducing, the relations between the two countries asymmetry in weakened, two first has the potential to create new relationships based on equality and mutual fusion. This is all for the cultural exchange and laid a solid foundation and created a more broad space. In the new historical background, in the active support of the two governments and promotion, we have reason to believe that the "Sino US cultural exchanges will make new and greater contributions to promote goodwill and trust between the two peoples! Let this little book deepen our understanding of the past two people the memory of history! I wish the third China US consultation on people to people exchange conference a complete success! In the preparation of thisThis little book, we get a lot of units and individuals of concern, support and help, including the international division, Ministry of education, Peking University, Peking University, University of International Relations, Department of international cooperation, Peking University press, Hao Pingfu, Minister of Ministry of education, Ministry of education, Peking University International department director Yang Jun Li Yansong and vice president of Peking University, University of International Relations, Peking University, Dean Wang Jisi, the International Cooperation Department of the summer Hong Wei minister, etc.. Yuan Ming teacher from the topic to the content of full careful guidance and participate in the planning, writing, translating and publishing million teachers managed and coordinated book. Peking University University of International Relations Cao Danni, Feng Zheng, He Shuangling, Huang Yulan, Jiang Yimin, Li Haitao, Liu Shuang, Lv Xiaozhan, Wang Mengying, Yang Xiangyun, Nadia, Yang Yu, Yu Ge, Zeng Shun, Zhen Zhaoping students participate in book collecting materials and drafting, American students read and review the Keyan English version. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of American studies, He Xingqiang, associate researcher Zhang Fan participated in the proofreading, Beijing Foreign Studies University English Language Institute of Chen Ying, Jia Mo, Li Ruoxi, Liu Jue, Luo Liangliang, Ma Yixiu, Wan Feng, Wang Xiaoyi, Xin Meiqing, Xue Ying, Yuan Yi Lin in the translation of the book, Professor von Xie Tao English, Peking University press, 协峰 teacher participation the publication of this book, we express deep gratitude to them and to all contribute to the publication of the book of the units and individuals!
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table tennis to change the world, but also changed his life / / / / Chinese Giant @##@ butterfly on the ice This is an instinct to beat the moving book, communication from the human story of seeing, reflecting the history of Sino US relations and reality. Both great men, celebrities, there are small figures, the story of ordinary people. The English text control, equipped with a large number of historical pictures, text, pictures with simple and novel, narrative theme, highlighting the cultural exchange times, life and sense of reality, and can be used as reference for the reading of the cultural exchange history interested readers at home and abroad.
Chapter excerpt

"Yanguoliusheng: Sino US cultural exchanges memory" Editors: Sino US cultural exchanges between the two countries has a long history, after the Sino US high-level consultation on people to people exchange set up and run two years, review of cultural exchanges between the two countries in dribs and drabs, has a special significance. Read the book will have a new understanding of today's China US relations.
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