20 years of academic exchanges

Date of publication:2007-10   Press: Ningxia people's Publishing House   Author:Chen Yuning, Homo Takehiko.   Pages:308   Words:380000  

Chinese Ningxia scholar and Shimane University of Japan scholars research exchanges and cooperation activities began in 1987. Over the years, the two countries have tightly around the underdeveloped areas, the development Chinese southern Ningxia mountain, Shimane Zhongshan zone between the first industry as the main line, in-depth research. In 20 years, the academic exchange and cooperation has continued, and achieved fruitful results, both scholars establish valuable academic friendship, promote and advance the friendly government and non-government two regional exchange.
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Chen Yuning, 1945 was born in January, Han nationality, in 1967 graduated from the History Department of Peking University. Former vice president, Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences, Ningxia Academy of Social Sciences, Deputy Secretary General of the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region people's government, office director, Yinchuan municipal Party committee secretary. Vice chairman of the CPPCC the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Committee, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Ningxia University, Professor, doctoral supervisor, enjoying the State Council special
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The preface part I reviews the beginning of academic exchanges and cooperation friendship twenty years -- I and Japan's Shimane University scholars interaction with the Japanese Shimane friendly exchange memories and the people of Ningxia exchanges twenty years and Prospect of my research is starting from here and Japanese experts feel visit Guyuan and Ningxia met a Ningxia review of academic exchange and Ningxia project in Ningxia rural survey and global theory to carry out twenty years uninterrupted cooperation Island - remember me in scientific research management in Japan "elements" from the Ningxia University Japanese teachers to Ningxia International Joint Research Institute researcher exchange stories cultural exchanges promote regional comprehensive cooperative international joint research institute the birth of Ningxia University yen loan projects to promote cooperation on legislative aspirations in business process and second papers and speeches of the Silk Road cultural exchange effect on Ningxia area of Ningxia regional economy two yuan and the development of backward areas of the Asian Development Model formed and Thinking -- to Ningxia development and farmers' income structure and employment opportunities by migrant workers returning farmland to forest (grass) policy. Changes in income and employment structure in the western region Chinese advantage industry development characteristics and Optimization Research -- take Ningxia as the designated rural survey in mountainous area of southern the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region cases...... Postscript
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