• Diversified culture and market information communication behavior

    "Cultural diversity and market information communication behavior" encompassing linguistics, literature, translation, reflects the inclusive and storage, learn widely from others'strong points, multidisciplinary thought. Research into the library are carefully selected, the self expertise, scholar dr.. The library is the home scholars, is an open,

  • When we walk in a foreign country

    "When we walk in a foreign country and Western dance culture dialogue" record of the first foreign students perception, value is that it is China's first dance art major students were sent to the teachers and students of the ideological achievements in its true, true, true understanding and so on. Our life may seem like a strange road, always meet,

  • Choose to accept the misunderstanding

    Jack. Image research in China, London, the book is divided into three chapters, the main contents include: seeking new ideas from abroad: the image of Jack London's Utopia; the construction of Subjectivity: the ideology of the image of Jack London; deconstruction and reconstruction: the image of Jack London pluralistic etc.. ,

  • The Sino Japanese cultural exchange history

    "The Sino Japanese cultural exchange history" from the overall characteristics on Japan culture communication history, first of all is a long history of ancient times, and do not say, the original residents moved to the islands of Japan, only recorded history of cultural exchange, at least two thousand years. It has a long history, continuously, even in the deterioration of relations between the two countries,

  • China Indonesia cultural exchange

    China Indonesia cultural exchange, Kong Yuanzhi, Peking University press,

  • Chinese foreign culture trade report

    "China's foreign cultural trade report (2012)" is divided into general reports, industry reports and case studies, the regional reports and overseas were observed in the four part, the main contents include: the strategic direction and policy suggestion of foreign culture, cultural trade in China's film industry foreign cultural trade annual report, the Yangtze River Delta region,

  • Encounter and dialogue

    Encounter and dialogue: Essays in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Chinese and Western Cultural Exchange International Symposium on Zhuo Xinping editor, religion and Culture Publishing house,

  • The history of communication between China and Western countries

    "Chinese and western communication history" in pursuit of the ancestors footprint, the Mu Xi tour, Tang's monk West, Gen Gi Khan West, Zheng He's voyages, records and cultural relics, tells the story of the history of the ancient Chinese civilization and Western civilization exchange, collision and nourishing each other. The middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River is associated with the development of nuclear formation of Chinese civilization,

  • Study on the cultural exchange in Japan

    Research, cultural exchanges, Guan Jie Wang Xiuwen, editor in chief of the world knowledge press,

  • Globalization and contemporary Chinese intercultural communication

    "Globalization and contemporary Chinese intercultural communication" is based on my doctoral dissertation on the modified, deleted from, this is not only a new start in my academic road, is also a new starting point in my life. Hands, roll, be full of excitement., regrets, personal sorrow and joy, Thanksgiving is the most strong! PhD in four years,,

  • How to efficient communication with foreigner 3

    Different cultures, has not completely the same values and philosophy. Even in the language expression and application way, among cultures is not able to fully one one corresponding translation and transformation; at the same time in different cultural influence, but also people form different mannered principles and preferences abominations. For example, Chinese,

  • Cultural exchanges and integration of space

    Study of cultural geography in the Hexi Corridor, "cultural exchange and integration of space: the Hexi corridor culture geography research" the cultural geography learning principle, environmental sensing, spatial competition, cultural evolution, regional culture space succession theory of the Hexi Corridor, many multi national region culture historical formation process, motive mechanism of multi factors analysis. ,

  • The ancient China

    The internal communication of the East Asian world, ancient East Asian world is one of the many national and ethnic East Asian experience collision and exchange of hundreds of years of gradually formed. On the Northeast Asia, South Korea, and Japan in terms, the relationship between very close, whether in custom and human feelings, thoughts, or in the cultural aspects of social life, have shown a high degree of similarity,,

  • Beijing foreign cultural exchange history

    "Beijing foreign cultural exchange history" to study is the history of cultural exchanges between Beijing and foreign countries, including in Beijing cultural exchange activities, Beijing or Beijing and foreign or foreign cultural exchange between, related activities of foreigners in Beijing, related activities in foreign people in Beijing, capital of central Beijing,

  • Cross cultural barriers

    The challenge of communication, the book consists of 11 chapters, each chapter focuses on a key issue. Each chapter is relatively independent, but also interrelated. Author on each problem has its own unique views, and was quoted, involves a wide range, can be said that each chapter is a relatively complete system of thought, and it is from this,

  • And in the source

    "And in the source: and numerical algorithm and its numerical origin" from the viewpoint of the algorithm, through the analysis of historical textual research and mathematical, introduced traditional Japanese mathematics (and counting) in the numerical solution of nonlinear equation and the equation of higher degree elimination algorithm, interpolation method, the arithmetic progression of higher order summation algorithm, congruence group method, Diophantine approximation method,

  • The Silk Road

    Chinese - the history of cultural exchange,

  • I.A. Richards and Chinese culture

    Dialogue and the influence of western culture, the world famous literary theorist I.A. Richards from 1927 to 1979 6 time to come to China, spent nearly 5 years degrees. He study of China, visit and work, and his teaching practice in Tsinghua University and the Peking University, deepened his understanding of Chinese culture, and to learn from a lot of,

  • The modern history of Sino Japanese cultural exchanges

    This book is a modern Chinese modern culture history books in the history of Sino Japanese cultural exchanges. The book consists of fourteen chapters on the development process, from mid nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century on the cultural exchanges and achievements. The book is rich in content, with pictures, full and accurate data, comprehensively and objectively reflect the,

  • Cross cultural communication

    "Intercultural Communication" comprehensively, systematically expounds the theory, the practice of intercultural communication principles, methods and skills of cross-cultural communication, in-depth study of the people of different cultures in which variables and cross-cultural communication in the universality of contradictions and problems than the speech act scenario, scientific analysis of the impact of cross cultural communication into,

  • The exchange and exploration

    The exchange and exploration (Study of German problem German scholars), center of Renmin University of China in Germany, Renmin University of China press,

  • On the history of cultural exchanges between China and the West

    He Zhaowu: Essays on the history, Chinese and Western cultural exchange ISBN:9787216051279, author: He Zhaowu,

  • The maritime Silk Road and the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries

    This book from the author published at home and abroad related to maritime Silk Road and Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges in the eighteen essay of about two hundred and fifty thousand words. Most of these papers is the latest research results of the authors in recent years, or to participate in international conferences and lectures abroad academic reports. The origin of the Silk Road at sea and in each period,

  • A goose utters its cry wherever it flies

    The cultural exchange of memory, "yanguoliusheng: Sino US cultural exchanges memory" is an instinct to beat the moving book, communication from the human story of seeing, reflecting the history of Sino US relations and reality. Both great men, celebrities, there are small figures, the story of ordinary people. The English text control, equipped with a large number of historical pictures, text,

  • 20 years of academic exchanges

    "20 years of academic exchanges China: Ningxia University and Shimane University in Japan cooperation" is not only a symbol of Ningxia, Shimane two academic exchanges, cooperation in scientific research, the friendly exchanges between Ningxia University and Shimane University, is the communication, cooperation and friendly symbol, is a Ningxia University open education, to carry out more extensive cooperation in scientific research,

  • Study on propagation of Kong Zi College

    Liu Cheng, Enron book "Kong Zi School of communication studies" at home and abroad is the first Kong Zi College of communication research monograph. The book consists of three parts: the first part summarizes Kong Zi college at home and abroad research status and characteristics. Or put forward countermeasures. Or to forecast. The second report to Kong Zi college at home and abroad media as the research object, adopt,

  • Chinese and Western cultural exchange

    Retrospect and prospect ", cultural exchange between China and the West: Retrospect and prospect" is an academic papers, mainly studies the influence on the Chinese since modern Christianity culture Chinese, namely from the perspective of the cultural exchange between China and the West Chinese Christian communication history. The book for the Chinese and foreign well-known scholars boutique collection of papers and become, have very high academic,

  • The track of cultural communication

    History of Chinese cane sugar,

  • Chinese and Western cultural exchange and social change in south of the Five Ridges

    The book collects 48 articles. Namely "between the East and the West in early modern ideological and cultural enlightenment", "Marine Silk Road and Chinese Western cultural exchange relationship", "China gunpowder and firearms in Asia spread and evolution". ,

  • Let the world know Tianjin

    This book in the us from the historical retrospect, further understand and grasp the publicity work especially TV rules. At present, Tianjin modernization construction has entered a new stage, Tianjin is facing a period of great development prospects, publicity work, arduous task, responsibility. With the wide sea diving, sky,

  • Chinese foreign cultural trade annual report

    "The annual China foreign cultural trade report (2010)" includes: foreign cultural trade industry report, foreign cultural trade area reports, annual theme and the key case, entertainment industry, culture industry of convention and exhibition, art and design industry, animation and game industry, movie industry, press and publication, the recording industry,

  • Sino US culture and communication

    Sino US culture and communication, ISBN:9787309089356, authors: Li Qingyuan, Wei Xiaohong,

  • The history of Sino foreign cultural exchanges (top and bottom)

    "The history of Sino foreign cultural exchanges (volume one)" is a comprehensive introduction to Chinese and foreign cultural exchange history books. The vice president of Peking University, chief editor of the famous historian professor He Fangchuan. From the time of speaking, since ancient times, from the geographical sense, from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, and the middle is europe,,

  • The Sino Japanese cultural exchange history set

    The Sino Japanese cultural exchange history: MR Tokawa Yoshiro seventy years anniversary, ISBN:9787101032604, author: Hu Chuan Fang Mr. Lang seventy Festschrift editorial committee,

  • Soul appointment

    Soul appointment - I witnessed the Sino Japanese cultural, academic exchanges, Liu Deyou, the commercial press,

  • Hanhai Camel

    Characters and cultural exchanges between the Silk Road, "desert straight down the long river of the yen." This is supporting the Silk Road in the world. "Peng out 汗塞 syndrome, but the Hu day." This is to awaken the silk road. Camel borne sound, through the desolate, Yan told sky, wipe off the lonely. Rows of footprints, like jumping notes, composes the hero of the song. This,

  • Exchange and use for reference

    EU law and judicial cooperation project of academic paper selection, since 2000, the European Commission funded a number every year outstanding ability Chinese young lawyers to go to Europe for 9 months or longer training, operation situation of our legal system and the law in practice. Course by China -- the EU laws and judicial cooperation project specifically for the project participants to tailor,

  • Trust, reciprocity, symbiosis

    "Trust, mutual symbiotic: history and reality," East Asia exchange through the historical changes and development of East Asia exchange as the center, the "nineteenth Century before the middle of East Asia exchange", "modern western colonialism and the impact of the East Asian countries changed", "the cold war and the post cold war in East asia,

  • Japanese literati portrait

    Focusing on the cultural exchanges, "Japanese culture portrait: focus on the cultural exchange between China and Japan" in Japanese culture human portrait, brings together the various cultural exchange between Japan and China and other aspects of Japanese culture, "portrait of people: focus on the cultural exchange between China and Japan" include Inoue Yasushi's historical novel "Kroraina", Japan a famous writer Ariyoshi Sawako,,

  • Witness the Korean

    We are the "Korean wave", after the Han, Korean, view with Korean jewelry, goods Korean food, whether there is a culture of thinking, philosophy? If feel more positive historical and cultural value and level? The author came to the generation of adjacent Korea, using the camera to record a moment of truth, help us accurate interpretation of the people's Republic of korea,

  • The utility of cross-cultural communication.

    "Practical cross cultural communication course" consists of twelve units, each unit is divided into four parts: the first part covers of the unit for a general introduction. The second part provides an in class reading, reading the article two articles. In class reading articles listed in vocabulary, sentence interpretation, and has the text associated with,

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