Zong Baihua: culture with you and aesthetic symbol

Date of publication:2005-01   Press: MIT Press   Author:Hu Jihua   Pages:315   Words:261000  

Hu Jihua, Anhui Taihu people. The literature doctor of the Beijing Normal University, now at Beijing International Studies University, Anhui Anqing Teachers College. Mainly engaged in western philosophy, aesthetics and comparative literature studies.
the main research results: the transformation of Chinese aesthetic spirit of the monograph ": an interpretation of Zong Baihua aesthetics", "modern gnosis: between" thought and art, co-author of "century old text
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Introduction from the cultural spirit of the first chapter of the aesthetic thought of culture with you and exploration of Aesthetics -- the aesthetics of Zong Baihua introduction, "culture" and "culture" concept two, the modern crisis and the cultural spirit of the cultural spirit of the aesthetic construction of three, Zong Baihua four, the cultural spirit of the aesthetic construction activity scanning the second chapter classical art experience of Modern Transformation -- Zong Baihua's "spirit", "Qi" theory to explain the modern background two, "vivid" and said the three, from the angle of life, the spirit of "Qiyun" interpretation of four meanings: the rhythm of life, the cultural spirit of the five China presenting state of the six, is declining "Yu Yun"? The third chapter classical art realm of the Modern Transformation -- Zong Baihua's "context" theory, Zong Baihua how to use the "artistic conception"? Two, Zong Baihua's exploration of "artistic conception" spiritual motivation, "three vision" -- "artistic conception structure" of the spirit, and the four state dance environment -- "artistic conception structure" life five, the marching into the "mood" in the fourth chapter classical life image of the modern transformation of personality -- Zong Baihua "" on the relationship between personality, mood, personality construction of two China Modern Aesthetics -- a mission three, "ultra world" and "small has personality" -- life image design blueprint, Gerd's four personality -- the life body symbol five, "the beauty" -- the ideal personality specimen six, aesthetic personality limits -- the spirit of Utopia in Chapter fifth, the modern transformation of classical metaphysics -- Zong Baihua "metaphysics" fragments of a book, "metaphysics" works fragments of text recognition two, "metaphysics" and the destiny of modern thought, three "metaphysics" western margin of four, "metaphysics" macro narrative five, "Metaphysics" the basic spirit of aesthetic Utopia -- open in culture with you one of the Epiphyllum, aesthetics of Zong Baihua The historical limitations references @##@ give special position new modern China aesthetics and insufficient two, Zong Baihua's aesthetic thought in Chinese significance in the development of modern culture, Zong Baihua three China modern aesthetics history four, Zong Baihua thought The book is constructed from the China classical aesthetics to modern transformation and the "spirit" of Zong Baihua to 40 years of academic activities in the Chinese in twentieth Century 30, with particular emphasis on his aesthetic contemplation and China cultural renaissance is unified and. His exploration of aesthetics originated in his culture with you, with you by his culture and modern transformation of concussion, and his entire academic activities, construction of aesthetics is to China cultural spirit in the modern cultural context -. At the same time, the book points out, Zong Baihua's thought has a tendency of absolute, it will often show arbitrariness, and his aesthetic construction also has a certain colour of utopia. These show the historical limitations of Zong Baihua's aesthetic thought and culture exploration.
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