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Date of publication:2004-03   Press: Kyushu press   Author:Xu Zhiyuan   Pages:279   Words:200000  

Is the author of the book in the 2001 "Economic Observer newspaper" "global view" collection of columns. After three years today along the observers eyes to see the world, not only should we ask "what in 2001," we remember, the more important is how we are to this through a long history, but also as Thomas Carlile said "the world is a history we must read and continuous work" continue to the vicissitudes of the world remains fresh.
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许知远, born in 1976, graduated from the computer department of Peking University. The "Economic Observer newspaper" editor in chief, has published essays "young people" of those sad, "the generation".
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Acknowledgements: I can understand your conflict between Part 1 turning point (1) 9 · 11 (2) -- yesterday bid farewell to the world "9 · 11" generation (3) civilization, or the end of history? (4) China and American: 217 years (5) to understand the new world order, what do we know? (6) China and America: Paradox (real world power game (7) the spirit of New York (8) China new attitude (9) Karzai 10) globalization and new historicism (11) the president's (12) Oh, Blair Prince (13) Argentina new century Tango (14) the European Constitution is not a historical crossroads: (15) the fragile peace dawn (16) (17) island. I hear the voice of Marx (18) (19) Korean miracle traitors voice (20) dear, the cold war is really over (21) (22) why we fall behind the world football, Part modern world (23) Sadam's lies and 2 media (24) the spirit of church and state dispute (25) Catherine Graham: the end of an era (26) to save the "Losangeles times" (27) "the Atlantic issue": USA spiritual awakening (28) serious news resurgence, it can insist on how long? (29) the ideal (literary magazine 30) Saint William Sean (31), but not great (32) to (33) the risk of others interviewed Art (34) public intellectuals (35) and the public embarrassment to keep a distance from Part 3 (36) business idea don't, Greenspan (37) giant have (38) of 20's and 90's (39) (40) rewriting economics business is so sexy (41) (42) welcome to company age except Welch, do you have any other example (43) the rise of the middle class (44) (45) the child control's future competitiveness (46) thought Japan shoulder your responsibility (47) we are still eager to Leader (48) (49) broadband save around a mess, we should believe what? Appendix: 2001, what we remember?
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I can understand it myself I can understand this young man did not learn what, began thinking. "From fifteenth Century to eighteenth Century -- Saint beuve for material civilization, economy and capitalism", as Braudel later recalled, it was originally "friendly imposed task" eventually evolved into a "no adventure", a book as long as the original induction to the pre industrial period, the European economic history works on the booklet, evolution a Everything is contained therein. historical encyclopedia. A length of the street, a shop name, the price of a commodity with a farmer's daily income in the works of Braudel and Martin Ruud, Raby also obtained the prominent position. After exploration for up to 20 years, 70 year old man has been so described his writing: "Mermaid with its moving song to lure the boatman on the rocks, so that they may go, but I, also fascinated by new historical mermaid song like, very be good to hear or see. This time of year after year to flow, I was discouraged, I do not know whether the ship arrived at the port of." About 18 months ago, I gradually found himself staring into a vast ocean, surrounded by too wonderful for words of song, they are from my Mermaid or siren. At that time, I will be 25 and 6 months, has just published the first book. I don't know who was a young man of sincerity and posturing of grief and pride rambling discourse in the end what it means, for a long time I try to make myself believe, it will meet the pride and shyness is doubly troubled youth incurable vanity. Although I never tired to tell others about the great names that I know of, and be devoid of any sense of shame that I and their similarities, but in fact, I still lost in the future, and vaguely aware of my body is filled with all sorts of proud, more often causes pain factor, intertwined and lead to different direction. I like them with strings of that name, except for all the gifted, each other like a insurmountable divide: Peter Drucker and W H Auden, Borges and Henry Ruth, Montaigne and Churchill, Rilke and Keynes...... All of them make me so feel excited. Maybe last night and I sincerely believe that I will become a literary critic, but on the second day was unable to hold oneself back to tell people: "in our time, master in management is respected." In the past year and a half, those great and great character, outstanding and exceptional works constitute the tone of different songs, which makes my voyage be in ecstasies over at the same time, it always makes me lose direction. Unfortunately, it made me nervous and anxiety. In every night before going to sleep at the last moment, I will be holding a thick stack of books in bed, which relates to the field of politics, economy, science and all, though often results in a page without turning; even before a short journey -- on business for a week or 40 minute taxi -- I trying to cram in a few kilograms of books in the bag. I always worry, because there is no ready-made works hand and missed the desire to read. The paranoid symptoms, so I wasted on the shelf for most of the time. I always repeatedly hesitated: recently read too much political biography, not for a long time close to poetry, there is no reading Kafka's novels not a week, my literary appreciation will drop, or because of too much attention to the historical dust in the text, and forget the fierce change reality life inChemical...... The only way to alleviate the anxiety is almost unrestrained to buy books, but when they are clueless arranged on the shelves, I temporarily happy was quickly replaced deeper anxiety. I always for those who are able to put a book read people hold deep envy, and sincerely respect those with enthusiasm and unified view of dedicated people. For me, reading is a discontinuous fragments, and thinking with daunting not harmonious. I'm easily denied yesterday, never sentimentally to abandon everything I had just received, although I comfort myself, more beautiful song has not yet appeared. But it also put me in a passive way, time and time again I found myself in a wilderness, my efforts have been disappear in smoke, even I myself for ever got some progress in profound suspicion. I often exude pride, but is lack of inner another sign of confidence. Display 18 months later, the young man found the initial poor "vanity" not only have not been met, but the expansion horribly vast, vast almost reached a realm of great -- those he very admire called "honor". And he's still not control in this vast, he was often surrounded by heart cold. Finally, his writing became a possession and escape, enjoy the wonderful song and resist the inner tension of double game. 18 months ago, he is keen to talk about the passion of youth and young, to talk about Hemingway and the ancient Paris; 9 months ago, he likes to repeat Henry Ruth and "times", business how to change the world; but now, he showed a clear preference for political influence, like a fever teenagers of 9 · 11 incidents do gibberish, but sloppy...... Published works, in addition to meet the small but still shallow vanity, more is to comfort themselves: see, young man, you have read so much, think so much, hard to write so much, you need not be so nervous. However, a more terrible ideas are raised: you see a lot, but who are you after careful thinking, under the beautiful rhetoric, you get a questionable conclusions; these are set arbitrary fragments, also called the book, what is a true mean the book, you know. In an occasionally reread, I think of the words of Ovid: "I re read them, to see that there are many paragraphs, even I can also feel the paragraph should be deleted." I think I must stop exposed my inner world, it makes me uncomfortable at the same time, it is easier to self pity AI fell into a trap. I have to say, we came to the world, the only thing to do is "responsible for their own". I believe that in most cases, associated with an individual suffering inevitable and his happiness. Since I chose to enjoy the boundless the mermaids singing, should bear the corresponding sense of emptiness. I like writing, it is first to satisfy myself, other effects is just a coincidence. In Braudel the end of happiness and slavery he continued for 20 years later, Michel Volker begins a fixed lecture at College France. These lectures are ultimately integrated "society must be defended" a book. Also in the preface to the book, too sensitive, melancholy Foucault said, in every lecture finished, dispersed at the crowd, he felt himself to be a lonely lonely sperm whales, cruising in the depths of the sea, how he was longing to be able to say a few words with his independent pain itch. Well, I'd rather see themselves as a head like the music of sperm whales, I must finish this preface before denying this analogy, I don't want to start over, it has made me feel restless all day.
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