West scientific and cultural bridge

Date of publication:2003-11-1   Press: Science Press   Author:Wang Qianguozhong  

This book covers many well-known domestic and foreign scholars in recent years on Joseph Needham's research, "Lee collection", "Li forum", "Joseph Needham problem", "China history of science and technology", "East Asian history of science and technology" and Appendix 6 columns, elaborated Joseph Needham to the communication of Eastern and Western science and civilization with a full range.
experts, this book is available in the history of science and technology, cultural history and Joseph Needham research and lovers of reading, reference.
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Coil a language
Lu Guizhen on Joseph Needham
a Lee
1 comments: "dare China land and people"
2 on Western Anti Science an oriental perspective
two Li forum
1 love China Dr. Joseph Needham
2 Joseph Needham in the field of vision Chinese culture
3 Joseph Needham in the />4 Joseph Needham
5 Joseph Needham and
two culture......
Joseph Needham problem......

four Chinese history of science and technology......
the history of Science in East asia......
appendix modern science behind Chinese basic treatise index (1915-2002) [two]
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