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Date of publication:2011-2   Press: China democracy and legal system.   Author:Xie Yong   Words:146000  

Dr. Xie Yong, Chinese Department of Fudan University, is now the editor of time weekly review, the teacher of School of Journalism and communication, South China University of Technology. For the Beijing News, twenty-first Century economic report, the new express, Oriental Morning Post,, many newspapers commentator. All sorts of problems concern to the people daily life experience, review involves many aspects of culture, art, media, etc..
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1, to know the society. "Very general" is a book to comment on current affairs phenomena of essays, analyze the social problems with a unique perspective, often set people thinking ideas and thoughts, a depth of thought. 2, sharp style of humor. Analysis of humorous language, deep calm sharp, enhance the readability of this book and thought. 3, the commentary series. "Very general" is the publisher launched "comments China" series of books second, "comments Chinese" series not only support the well-known authors, propaganda in various fields, the subsequent series of book publication will also drive the book sold again. 4, strong publicity activities. The publisher has arranged a variety of new book publicity and at the activity, the sale of books is very favorable.
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Farewell to revolution, farewell to love the Internet to commemorate the ten anniversary of the state of Wu body: the sixth generation, the Internet and DV study to imagine disaster, we know China Lu Xun out, autumn Lang highlights the lack of memory that the disappearance of the university to change the fate of the college entrance examination forget double face common sense disappeared taste -- on Tang Yi's "Glen the wind" this generation of the original Hongkong "disappeared" Cambridge eight hundred years disappeared Guan yuan, be lost life farewell to revolution, farewell to love the fall, the more expansive Dutch act logic ten years before Han Han, the mediocre and the generation of Beijing no king 世襄 also said the three nations: a modern heart China mobile phone movie two times: a little: if you are the one male masters classic expression away with the feminist approach, reflecting the era of university city is a pale Island times whether overtook the genius of Cao Yu? Why are we all contemporary art artists after Olympic Era: simulacra society luxury? Guangzhou three Biennale: Farewell to post colonialism, to find the winged Chinese dialogue Li Xianting 30 years live television personal memory image enlightenment or the society of spectacle? The 2009 Guangzhou International Photography Biennale -- why we are artists? City, and the city literature and art that still affect our interpretation of Ruan Yizhong dilemma -- 2009 Lianzhou photography exhibition two women's dormitory: our common nightmare academic industry to high school students' reading anxiety and its subtext academic gold finger "Chinese type apprentice" and "Chinese style" is the "academic" old professor unspoken rule of female students "the dual surprised Chinese characters" shaped "people" not happy "the teacher's dignity liberal arts colleges: educational experiment China University of limited significance: enjoyment or for entertainment? Hu Shuli vocational school: News community into the university? Camus moved to bury the Pantheon? The distinguished cannot move many old artist in the dilemma? Paper industry shows Chinese university magic realism when the lip synching is no longer just legend ten years retreat of Mao Dun prize for literature in Colleges and universities dominate the political arena crosstalk, toward the system running all the way in the NPC and CPPCC continue to dispute the best Spring Festival Gala serial copy from daily life of sin Han Han global influence from common sense book burning, a symbol of danger or cultural entertainment, in fact is not question: when Ancient Chinese Literature Search country college is confronted with the reality, will have a what kind of results? New standards for teachers teachers Deyi did not? Academic circles should then start discussion Li Yi: avoid @##@ sin. The tide of the times under the impact of social phenomenon, contains various cultural and aesthetic meaning, development and progress of the social culture cannot do without the analysis and guidance of persuasion. The starting
book from life events, phenomena, idea or concept, through the analysis of a unique cultural content, to the people living in the usual or be accustomed to view and misunderstandings are corrected and clarified, so as to promote the cultural idea transformation, promote social culture to develop along the correct direction and progress. The book includes essays, art criticism, commentary article three parts, according to the different social and cultural phenomenon are analyzed. Covers a large number of events, facts and ideas, sometimes on a Book perspective, sometimes criticism is a social phenomenon. The seemingly random brush contains a sharp point of view and profound realistic significance.
book will analysis point of view, unique and sharp ideas contained in the gentle expression, to deliver a convincing power. The book based on promoting the concept of deep idea of social development and progress of the different modes of expression, fusion of prose, essays, essays, surface Weiweidaolai, such as freely flowing style of writing, the language is calm essays moral, concealing. The profound cultural foundation, load one's pages with references narration, make the article more cultural content and persuasive, but also shows the author's profound philosophical and aesthetic skills, the book also has a profound academic value in the readability, is a worthy collection of books.
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  •   Xie Yong's book is very deep
  •   Very realistic
  •   This collection of articles is the author in the media comments, in general good, but feel the depth is not enough, I feel the difference in some degree, and also is a few years ago things, attention degree is not high.

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